Dimensions Festival 2019

Fort Punta Christo / Pula, Chorwacja

28 Aug - 1 Sep 2019

31 wyznawcy


28 Aug - 1 Sep 2019
Fort Punta Christo / Pula
Taniec / Elektroniczny
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35.31 EUR

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Więcej informacji
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2019-08-22 17:00:01
We're delighted to reveal set times for the last ever Dimensions opening amphitheatre concert. If you plan on joining us, we suggest you secure your spot now: www.dimensionsfestival.com/opening-concert/

DIM179 - Demuja

2019-08-22 11:20:00
This week our mix series takes a roam into feel-good house, heavy kick drum workouts and laid back space funk - at the hands of Austrian-based DJ and producer, Demuja.

Details zu Fahrt und Fahrer | BlaBlaCar

2019-08-21 21:35:53
Details zu Fahrt und Fahrer | BlaBlaCar
Who wants to join us on our car sharing to Croatia ??? - 2 ninjas on the road

2019-08-21 17:04:49
We're delighted to offer bespoke 'Introduction to DJing courses' alongside Pioneer DJ at Dimensions Festival 2019. It's designed to fit around your festival and all entrants have the chance to win thousands of pounds worth of Pioneer gear. Buy your tickets here:

Fumiya Tanaka on embracing change, in music and in life

2019-08-21 11:58:12
Fumiya Tanaka on embracing change, in music and in life
Get to know a master of minimal: Fumiya Tanaka, through Resident Advisor's latest extended interview. We're looking forward to welcome him to Dimensions Festival 2019 in just over a week, alongside the likes of Zip, Binh and Hamish & Toby also out representing the best in minimal sounds.

Photos from Dimensions Festival's post

2019-08-20 15:00:02
With just over a week until Dimensions Festival 2019, we enlisted the help of Eliphino aka Automne, Kirsti and David Martin to start the warm up; taking over the airwaves of Rinse FM. You can now listen back here: .

Photos from Dimensions Festival's post

2019-08-18 11:35:00
The Last Dance is in just two weeks. We’re very proud to be welcoming a huge variety of our all-time favourite artists to help sign it off at the Fort. www.dimensionsfestival.com

2019-08-17 12:09:31
In case you missed it, this week Exit Records UK's head honcho DBridge provided RA with 45 killer tracks that represent the label's appearances with us over the last 8 years. Catch them doing what they do best on land and sea, Saturday 31st August: "I've been honoured to have such a strong and consistent history with Dimensions. They've been supportive of all we do at the label and that's reflected in the diversity and talent of the music and producers in this playlist." - DBridge

DIM178 - Pinch

2019-08-15 12:10:33
DIM178 - Pinch
We’re proud to welcome this week one of UK club music’s true originals to our mix series: one of dubstep's pioneers and TectonicRecordings head honcho - Pinch.

2019-08-14 16:00:01
For fans of the bass-heavy sounds: don’t miss Subdub takeovers from the likes of Exit Records UK, Mala and Metalheadz taking over the formidable Sinai Sound systems stacks this year at Dimensions Festival 2019.