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25 - 29 Sep 2013

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25 - 29 Sep 2013
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Więcej informacji

Rival Consoles & John Tejada Bring the Ethereal to Union Station

2018-05-25 17:40:57
Rival Consoles & John Tejada Bring the Ethereal to Union Station
[dB News] Here is a little write up from Restless Nites about last weekend's Metro Art & Decibel Present: Rival Consoles & John Tejada (free) event, which pulled 1,100 attendees into the historic Union Station Los Angeles. Big ups to Metro Art Los Angeles, Rival Consoles, John Tejada, Tottie Moore, CLOAKING, Erased Tapes, Mixmag, dublab and our co-pilots for this event, Heidi Zeller (Metro Art) and Ross Gardiner (Black Circle Media / Liminal Space). Next up: Decibel & Nuit Blanche present Giorgia Angiuli (live - West Coast debut) w/ Nordic Soul, Ari Shark, Misharev at UNION (Los Angeles). Tickets are available at

Decibel Festival

2018-05-25 17:32:08
Decibel Festival

Metro Art + Decibel present Rival Consoles, John Tejada & Tottie survey

2018-05-23 22:03:25
Metro Art + Decibel present Rival Consoles, John Tejada & Tottie survey
Many thanks to all who attended the Metro Art & Decibel Present: Rival Consoles & John Tejada (free) event this past Friday at Union Station Los Angeles. We're hoping to organize future FREE music events at Union Station and need your help. Below is a one minute survey - Let us know who you want to see at Union Station next!

2018-05-23 21:31:39
June 7th at UNION: @Decibel Festival & @Nuit Blanche LA present, the West Coast debut of Giorgia Angiuli (live) Stil vor Talent / Suara / KMS / Bpitch Control - Italy with support from Nordic Soul Ari Shark Misharev Tickets at UNION 4067 W. Pico Blvd, Los Angeles ABOUT GIORGIA: Born in Puglia, also known as the heel of Italy’s boot, Giorgia is a classically trained musician, composer and multi-instrumentalist. Very early on she developed a strong interest for electronic music and started to experiment with new live techniques. From her very first project in 2009 Metùo, where she released the album “Toyshop,” Giorgia has created a vibrant, unique and interactive performance for her fans. In 2010 with her audio visual project We Love, Giorgia collaborated with the renown label Bpitch Control, performing in clubs internationally allowing her presence to grow which eventually led her to go solo in 2013. The solo project of Giorgia Angiuli stylistically moves between pop, techno and house. She uses her voice to create a dreamy dimension intensified by the use of unique toy instruments. During her set she combines keyboards, drum pad and theremin with the sounds of a toy flute, sax, trumpets and many other toys. Mixing all of these samples and loops she shapes a vibrating and energetic groove that sets the dance floor on fire. From 2013 to the present Giorgia has had success releasing on some of the biggest labels, Stil vor Talent, Crosstown Rebels, Kindisch, Kevin Saunderson’s legendary techno KMS, Harry Klein, Einmusika, Systematic and Suara to name few. In 2018 her new EP “No Body No Pain” released on Stil Vor Talent.

Giorgia Angiuli

2018-05-23 21:24:40
[dB Events] We couldn't be more excited to be hosting Giorgia Angiuli for her West Coast debut (June 7th at UNION, presented by Decibel Festival and Nuit Blanche LA / Nuit Blanche). Tickets: FB RSVP: For more information visit us at

Decibel Festival

2018-05-15 16:29:52
Decibel Festival
[dB Events] This Friday (May 18th) Decibel Festival has three unique events happening in Los Angeles * [Early show / Free] Metro Art & Decibel Festival Present: Rival Consoles, John Tejada and Tottie Moore at Union Station Los Angeles -->RSVP: * Rival Consoles - live a/v, Deru - alt ambient set, Nordic Soul at UNION -->Tix: * Sublevel w/ Josh Wink, Doc Martin, Porkchop at UNION -->Tix: For more info on upcoming Decibel events, visit


2018-05-08 22:57:51
Decibel Festival x Nuit Blanche present Giorgia Angiuli LIVE with support from Ari Shark, Misharev + Nordic Soul ! tickets on sale now at

Timeline Photos

2018-04-25 23:30:09
This Friday at @timbreroom Decibel & Timbre Room are proud to present... Ruede Hagelstein [Watergate, Bedrock, Listed // Berlin] With support from... Jon Lee [Tilted Records] ELLEM [subMerge, Mirror&Web] TICKET OPTIONS... Option #1: Timbre Room Only: Option #2: Kremwerk - Timbre Room Combo Ticket: A combo ticket gives you admission to Mothership Inc. beams Serge Devant (downstairs in Kremwerk) and this event.


2018-04-25 22:11:55


2018-04-25 22:11:10
In advance of his performance this Friday at UNION w/ DJ Sneak and Doc Martin (Sublevel), Ardalan will be giving a pair of V-MODA M-100 HEADPHONES. TO ENTER: ( 1 ) download the official video ( + post to your Instagram account or use a repost app. ( 2 ) tag @unionclubla in the comments! Winners will be announced at the exclusive meet and greet with ARDALAN at 9:30PM at UNION before the event!