MDRNTY Cruise Festival 2019

Genova, Zwitserland

16 - 20 Sep 2017

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Een 4 nachten epicurean reis over de Middellandse Zee. Meer dan 70 artiesten en performers - All inclusive aanbieding (Onbeperkt: eten, alcoholische en alcoholische dranken) - 100% ondergrondse elektronische muziek.

16 - 20 Sep 2017
Dance / Electronic
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839 EUR

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Jon Charnis
Christian Burkhardt [live]
Mike Shannon
Archie Hamilton Archie Hamilton SoundCloud
Martin Buttrick
Dana Ruh
Paul Ritch Paul Ritch YouYubePaul Ritch MySpace
Damian Lazarus Damian Lazarus SoundCloud
Markus Fix Markus Fix MySpace
Ryan Crosson
Dewalta B2B Shannon
Shaun Reeves

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Meer informatie
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12DAYS --> MDRNTY Cruise 2018

2018-05-29 15:49:02
12DAYS // Some 4pax occupancy deals still available, full info via the website -->

Hanabi Circus - MDRNTY Cruise

2018-05-28 13:34:25
We are excited to welcome Hanabi Circus to the Mdrnty Cruise 2018 [June 10-13]! Expect the unexpected; the unique performances will include a combination of street and circus art, with a touch of spooky

Modernity Events is feeling ready in Genova, Italy.

2018-05-26 13:20:11
Last chance to become an ambassador! Already coming on the #MDRNTYCruise? Sign up to become an ambassador and earn some jaw-dropping rewards including spa days, private parties, VIP restaurants + more. Make your trip that much sweeter -->

Modernity Events is feeling excited in Genova, Italy.

2018-05-24 11:48:52
Incoming, it’s only techno king Stephan Bodzin --> #mdrntycruise2018

Modernity Events is in Genova, Italy.

2018-05-22 14:56:13
Did you know when we stop-over you can rent a bicycle and explore what Corsica and Sardinia has to offer? 19DAYS #mdrntycruise2018

Modernity Events is in Genova, Italy.

2018-05-21 11:59:42
One of the most inventive producers in electronic music to date, Ricardo Villalobos. --> 20DAYS

Modernity Events is in Ascona, Switzerland.

2018-05-17 13:20:05
Don't miss the chance to dance with Secret Society aka s.C.s Seth Troxler + more this Saturday and Sunday. Andiamo! --> 2 Days In Ascona - #IIDA

Modernity Events is feeling ready in Genova, Italy.

2018-05-17 09:43:10
Booked your #MDRNTYCruise transfers? If you haven’t make sure to do ASAP in order to have a stress free journey!

Modernity Events is with Filippo Pelizza in Genova, Italy.

2018-05-16 15:42:26
It's only electronic music superstar Black Coffee --> #MDRNTYCruise2018 // 25DAYS

Archie Hamilton - Caught Shouting At Seagulls

2018-05-14 14:39:31
Breaking News From Wunderground: Archie Hamilton caught shouting at seagulls