Let It Roll Festival 2019

Milovice, Tsjechië

1 - 3 Aug 2019

9 volgelingen


Let It Roll Open Air is het grootste drum- en basfestival ter wereld.

1 - 3 Aug 2019
Dance / Electronic
Under 15's can attend accompanied by an adult
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77 EUR

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Meer informatie
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2019-08-03 00:00:00
Two is always better than one and Sub Focus & Wilkinson are the proof.

2019-08-02 23:20:31
Even it’s middle of the night Maduk shines all over Temple.

Let It Roll is with Javí Flat Díaz.

2019-08-02 21:37:20
The legend took over Mothership. Let It Roll wouldn’t be the same without ANDY C.

2019-08-02 20:58:51
Immortalz, new chapter is written and Let It Roll 2019 is fully on now!

2019-08-02 18:08:05
Sun is setting down and Mothership is setting up. ☀️ Don’t be late for Opening show at 10PM.

2019-08-02 17:37:39
This ride speeds up to 180BPM

2019-08-02 16:22:41
Chilling & Refreshing at the day activities zone

2019-08-02 11:17:50
Time for lunch!

THURSDAY | Let It Roll 2019

2019-08-02 10:48:58
First festival day was SICK! We officially opened up the festival gates, partied at the first stages and most importantly, we had a hell of fun! What part of the first festival day did you enjoy the most?

Let It Roll is with Javí Flat Díaz.

2019-08-02 00:44:15
Dark times are here ☠️ We're not fighting though, ABIS is our favourite villain.