Defected Croatia 축제 2019

Tisno, 크로아티아

8 - 13 Aug 2019

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Defed의 House 쾌락주의 축제가 다음 여름 아드리아 해안으로 돌아 오며, 이번에는 6 일 동안의 밤낮으로 채워진 춤이 있습니다. 주요 무대에서부터 해변을 가득 채우고 태양을 흠뻑 빠뜨리고 일몰 보트 파티와 전설적인 Barbarella의 나이트 클럽에 이르기까지 우리는 잊을 수없는 또 다른 축제를 기억합니다.

8 - 13 Aug 2019
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Defected Records was live.

2019-08-09 02:09:41
Roger Sanchez closing out an unforgettable opening night in Croatia ❤️

Defected Records was live.

2019-08-08 22:57:24
Claptone live & direct from Defected Croatia

Defected Records was live.

2019-08-08 20:04:09
Black Loops in the mix for Classic...

2019-08-08 19:41:26
#HouseMusicAllLifeLong 2️⃣0️⃣

Defected Records was live.

2019-08-08 16:34:26
We’ve set sail with 4 To The Floor...

2019-08-08 14:47:14
#HouseMusicAllLifeLong All systems go for Defected Croatia 2019!

Defected Records was live.

2019-08-08 13:39:15
Low Steppa rocking our first boat party of Croatia 2019...!

2019-08-08 10:50:52
Dunmore Brothers set to kick off their Dad’s festival in the labels 20th anniversary year - Defected Croatia 2019...

Croatia: Tomorrow

2019-08-07 17:49:31
Tomorrow, it all begins...

2019-08-07 12:34:22
Dear Defected Croatia crew, The whole team have just arrived on site and we are putting the final touches to the site in order to welcome you all here tomorrow. The stage is set for another amazing 6 days of house music! For those of you that haven’t seen the full programme yet, here it is: . We absolutely appreciate the effort that many of you make as you journey to Tisno and we want the festival to make a positive and lasting impression to make the travelling worthwhile. This year’s line-up is our biggest yet, with many DJ’s playing Defected Croatia for the first time. We have also invested in the production to make the stages and the site better than ever. This is just the start… the most important factor of any event is the people that come to dance. We promise you the most welcoming dancefloor on the planet! Remember Defected Croatia is not where we stop this year. Our first ever Defected London FSTVL happens on September 14th to celebrate our 20th year, and we’d love you all to come – let’s make it a Croatia reunion… Tickets here: . Finally from me, back to what it’s all about, the music. We’ve put together a Defected Croatia playlist to soundtrack your travels to the festival and give you a taste of what you’ve got to look forward to. Listen on Apple Music: or Spotify: . Travel safe, rave safe, and see you in The Garden! Simon Dunmore In Our House We Are All Equal House Music All Life Long