End Animal Abuse-Cruelty-Torture with Rabbi Simon Jacob Day

2018-01-20 02:47:17
End Animal Abuse-Cruelty-Torture with Rabbi Simon Jacob Day
Ginger the Pit bull terrier that rescued mother and her daughter in Russia from the cobra. And according to the daughter the dog sustained 9 bite marks from the snake. During the last moments of her life she was looking at the ownerand wagging her tail.Ginger was so loyal she deservis her brave story to be shared ♥ SO CLICK✔,SHARE✔AND ✔COMMENT IT SHOWS YOU CARE♥ AND WANT TO END THIS !!! AND JOIN US AND HELP BE THE VOICE FOR THE VOICELESS SHOW YOU CARE♥ AND WANT TO END THIS ABUSE AND TORTURE NOW!!! AND REMEMBER NEVER BE SILENT! SPEAK OUT and When you see a Dog being abused, chained, homeless, abandoned or scheduled to be euthanized, don't just walk away and do nothing. These poor Dogs really need your help. If you do nothing is it because you just don't want to get involved? Afraid to take Action? It really is not difficult. You could be saving a life. Dogs are our children. Help when you can, even if it's difficult. You'll feel so much better when you do. Spread the news!!! We are more than FB page... visit our website here::and like and join us on Rabbi Otis,and Rabbi Simon Jacob Day,s page☺it will show you care ♥ : :

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Found this on FB. Thought it was really cool.

SYDNEY, Dreamstate NYE

2018-01-19 18:12:39
SYDNEY, Dreamstate NYE
Dreamstate Australia, New Years Eve 2017

2018-01-19 17:51:15
#RockinRio33anos Olha que linda a história da Jenifer Monte. Ela e o Raphael são de São Paulo, mas se conheceram no Rock in Rio, em 2011. Eles se casaram e voltaram em 2015, em lua de mel, com a Jenifer já grávida da Maria Clara ❤. Eles até tatuaram o Rock in Rio na pele pra gravar a diferença fundamental que o festival teve na vida dos dois. Foram na última edição e já estão se programando para voltar em 2019. “O Rock in Rio uniu a nossa história. Obrigado, Rock in Rio, por construir a minha família!” Sério, até caiu um cisco aqui no olho… Orgulho de fazer parte dessa união! Saúde à família!

A Defense For The Bible

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A State Of Trance 850

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As announced in yesterday's episode: A State Of Trance 850 is ready for pre-order!

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Diary of a Madman Tour 1982 #fbf

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I thought you would like this, Ozzy

David Guetta DJ Mix #385

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Be sure to tune in ! My Dj mix starts now !

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Tomorrow at 17h00 CET Global Journey Travel Packages, including your Tomorrowland Ticket, go On Sale. Discover all info:

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#RockinRio33anos Isn't she loooovely, Isn't she wooonderfuul

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Излез навън и вземи най-доброто от зимата! Corona Winter Paradise те очаква на Световната купа по сноуборд в Банско от 26 до 28 януари. Приготви се за незабравими преживявания и изненади.

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Red carpet De Vrienden van Amstel LIVE!

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Уикендът вече е във въздуха. Усещате ли го?

A Defense For The Bible

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sunshine live

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SUNRIDER555557 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Tune

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2002 txitxarro (vizcaya)

A State of Trance Episode 849

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