The Julian Trust

2019-06-26 19:18:49

Maceo Plex live @ EXIT 2018

2019-06-26 18:18:39
This set is still talked-about!


2019-06-26 17:56:25
Unfortunately, we are told that Sophie's injury will not heal in time for EXIT! We wish her a full recovery. Get well soon!

7 more iconic house samples...

2019-06-26 17:40:05
7 more iconic house music samples...

Vini Vici

2019-06-26 16:59:41
Bet there's going to be a lot of this at Vini Vici.

Photos from Glastonbury Festival (official)'s post

2019-06-26 15:13:39
Glastonbury 2019, day one.

Pojačanja za EXIT mts Dance Arena 2019!

2019-06-26 15:07:03
Ovogodišnja postava rezidenata koji dolaze na EXIT mts Dance Arena 2019 | Official Event postaje još jača!

2019-06-26 14:35:00
Honey Dijon setting off Boiler Room

Exit Festival is with JJoy Refalo and Saliba John Clinton.

2019-06-26 14:25:56

Glastonbury Festival-goers are walking into an EMF minefield

2019-06-26 13:37:33
Glastonbury Festival-goers are walking into an EMF minefield
Is nobody concerned for the health of all festival goers and artists this year?

Help us find Francisco

2019-06-26 13:04:42
Help us find Francisco
It’s a long shot but I’m posting this here as there is some concern about a missing student however maybe his gear meant that he was away to a festival? I’m any case people are concerned

2019-06-26 13:03:24
EXIT i Balkan Tube Fest udružili snage u velikoj regionalnoj kampanji #ShareLove! ✌️

2019-06-26 12:58:04
Less than 2 months until these artists will be rocking our Main stage! See you on Sunday, August 25th in the Kingdom of Party Animals

2019-06-26 12:00:02
Only 3% of all camping tickets remaining. #Creamfields2019 is breaking all records – if you want to join us in the fields … now’s the time to act!

3 word address: ///sounds.homelands.loud

2019-06-26 11:57:45
3 word address: ///sounds.homelands.loud
I'm running two workshops in the healing field on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Links give exact locations on a map. Beginners ukulele at 11.30 in the fire garden at Mental health self care at 1.45 Thursday, Friday and Saturday, in the marquee at

2019-06-26 11:02:00
The Shapeshifters causing a storm!

Steven clean up Minehead

2019-06-26 10:15:04
Steven clean up Minehead

2019-06-26 10:03:00
Only 6 weeks left 'til summer's best week!


2019-06-26 09:47:38
Wer hat Lust auf HOLI for free? Unsere kunterbunten Freunde von @SPRIZZERÒ verlosen Tickets für die ganze Saison. Hier teilnehmen: #holifestival #machdeinlebenbunter #sprizzero #gewinnspiel

The best UK garage tracks – ranked!

2019-06-26 09:00:01
The best UK garage tracks – ranked!
UKG banger central!