Le Guess Who? Festival 2017

Utrecht, Paesi Bassi

9 - 12 Nov 2017

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Le Guess Chi? È un festival musicale alternativo posto tra la vivace città di Utrecht, Paesi Bassi. Lo sviluppo del festival nella sua storia otto anni è abbastanza notevole. Dalla sua nascita come festival di una sola sede di circa 800 partecipanti nel 2007, ora incorpora 12 sedi in tutta la città (che non include gli spazi multipli all'interno del nuovo edificio Tivoli Vredenburg, dove si svolge gran parte dell'azione) Come una potente bolla di musica.

9 - 12 Nov 2017
Paesi Bassi

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Le Mini Who? 2017 Preview | News | The 405

2017-10-21 12:00:01
Le Mini Who? was one of The 405's highlights of Le Guess Who? last year. Leading up to Le Mini Who? 2017, they now interview the two organizers as a preview of what’s to come in exactly 3 weeks:

2017-10-20 12:00:42
We meet up with Perfume Genius to discuss his live performance and his curated program for Le Guess Who? 2017. Here, he talks about the first time he heard the music of Mary Margaret O'Hara, the physical force of Pharmakon, and the desperation and the pleading in the music of Bulgarian women's choir Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares. Video portrait made by Nick Helderman, in cooperation with de Volkskrant.

2017-10-20 09:02:08
Le Feast: home-chefs in Utrecht transform their living room into brunch restaurant on Sunday, 12 November. Join us for brunch and make a reservation now until the 10th of November. More info:

2017-10-19 12:42:34
Meet Leonie Bos, the illustrator for Le Guess Who? 2017's festival artwork: Here, Leonie also explains the process behind the creation of the artwork: "I wanted to find a shape from which the question mark would originate. In the first artwork you can see some loose elements. Their form betrays that they have consistency. Which is explained in the second poster. Here the elements are composed and form a mold. The liquid poured into this construction forms the question mark that is unfolded in the final artwork."

Lichtjaren vooruit: de constellatie van Shabazz Palaces op Le Guess Who? | The Daily Indie

2017-10-19 10:04:44
The Daily Indie ging op zoek naar het DNA van Shabazz Palaces: over afrofuturisme, science-fiction, de ontwikkeling van hiphop, en uiteraard het gecureerde programma op Le Guess Who? 2017:

2017-10-18 12:18:09
The Line Of Best Fit interview Meredith Graves: 3 records she'd try to hunt down at the World's Biggest Record Fair during Le Guess Who? 2017. "That Ornette record was one of the first experimental or left-of-center jazz records I remember hearing as a child-- the first of many, since my dad was (and still is) a huge jazz buff. The Poison Idea record came to me in my early 20s and was a huge influence on what I eventually tried to do with Perfect Pussy." Read in full: Meredith Graves performs a spoken word poetry performance at Le Guess Who? on Friday, 10 November. Record Planet's Mega Record & CD Fair goes down 11 & 12 November.

2017-10-18 09:31:47
As a partner of Le Guess Who? 2017, The Wire: Adventures In Modern Music's deputy editor Joseph Stannard will host two artist Q&A's at the festival that are free to attend. The first will be a double interview with The Bug & Dylan Carlson (Earth); the second will be with festival curator Jerusalem In My Heart. Q&A's take place on Sunday, 12 November at festival location LE:EN. More info:

2017-10-17 11:54:01
Artwork by Raimund Wong for James Holden's curated program at Le Guess Who? 2017. Explore Holden's curation, focusing on trance-inducing music, through our feature piece + special playlist highlighting the performing artists:

2017-10-14 11:00:01
Why you should experience Pharoah Sanders live at Le Guess Who? 2017, according to Fhloston Paradigm/King Britt: "My parents were collectors and my mother was exposing me to more spiritual jazz as a kid. I heard music he did with Don Cherry & Sun Ra first. Opened up sonic possibilities in my head. I didn't understand as a kid but I definitely felt a shift within my DNA. All my work, I consider spiritual black music, regardless of genre. Mr Sanders definitely carries this grace and beauty in not only the music he creates but in the way he presents it. Also his musicality and freedom is part of my creative lineage... We must carry the torch ... Almost all of the performers playing the festival owe much gratitude to Mr Sanders for opening the door years ago, which allowed a festival like this to happen in the first place! He is one of our greatest human beings." Pharoah Sanders and Fhloston Paradigm both perform at Le Guess Who? 2017 on Saturday, 11 November, curated by Shabazz Palaces

Le Guess Who? is with Terrie Hessels.

2017-10-13 10:56:24
Le Guess Who? is with Terrie Hessels.
Artwork for Han Bennink's curated program at Le Guess Who? 2017. This year, the world’s most resourceful drummer celebrates his 75th Birthday. We felt it the right time to invite him as curator, so he can celebrate together with the musicians he feels a strong connection with. Han Bennink’s curated program consists of some of his favorite artists he has had the pleasure to work with. In true Han Bennink style, he couldn't resist: he doesn't only invite them all, he wants to perform with as many of them as he can. Explore Han Bennink’s curated program here: