Yoga Connects Festival 2017

Stanford Hall, Lutterworth, Leicestershire, LE17 6DH, United Kingdom

7 - 9 Jul 2017



Yoga Connects Festival 14 - 17 July 2016 at Stanford Hall Estate An international yoga festival dedicated entirely to the joys of yoga, will take place in the grounds of Stanford Hall Estate outside Rugby, only 48 minutes north of London. Voted by CodyApp as one of the top 20 yoga festivals in the world. 2016 is set to soar! Connection, Music, Yoga, Vegan/ Veggie delights and Shamanism.

7 - 9 Jul 2017
United Kingdom
Stanford Hall, Lutterworth, Leicestershire, LE17 6DH

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Yoga • Connects

2017-07-19 07:39:27
The first sounds of the morning. @andy_nathan_yoga #jivamuktiyoga class @yogaconnectsuk Festival. Beautiful acoustics in the Yoga Barn. Waking up

Yoga • Connects

2017-07-14 06:25:36
Yoga • Connects
We didn't just have yoga but Ulric Whyte: Yoga Teacher & Movement Specialist brought some Feldenkrais to the table. The Capoeira guys really loved it! There's a softening in order to stretch and we also did a number of rolling patterns on the floor. This is so helpful for yoga. We've already invited him back next year! <3

2017-07-12 07:18:54
We just wanna say the biggest juiciest thank you to all the teachers who taught at Yoga Connects Festival this year. You make our festival great. We love your different styles and the huge variety of teachings that show how yoga and meditation are for EVERY ONE! Repost image from @acroyogadance at our final moments of the festival. #yogaconnects #yogateachers #acroyoga #fun #balance #fly #handstand #yogaeverydamnday #yogajourney #yogaflow #festival #summer #glastonbury #connection

2017-07-11 08:57:30
A shout out to Miss P Buist. We found your purse. Does anyone know this lady? Please let us know and we'll send it back to you. <3

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2017-07-07 07:04:01
Timeline Photos
Almost ready! See you later for Yoga Connects Festival Today! You can enter the site at 2:30! Can't wait to meet you <3 #yogaconnects #summer #festival #yoga #music #djs #fun #shamans #kids #magic #glastonbury

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2017-07-05 18:32:37
Timeline Photos
Yoga Connects Festival is setting up! Weather is amazing and introducing Bryan Gohl He's our site manager. Bryan was with us for the first year as a guest. Now he's one of the team. Any problems, ask Bryan

Yoga • Connects

2017-07-04 14:48:05
Ok We're ready!! To see you!! This weekend!! Come on down. <3 Yoga Connects Festival is a lovely small community with a big heart. We welcome everyone! You'll see the best in yoga, meditation and the Shamans are coming out to play. Purple Lights this year to honour Prince! We want to rock at the base of the sacred heart chakra of the world - Glastonbury Tor. And it's the FULL MOON so guaranteed magic. We have 10 tickets left - grab them while you can.

Yoga • Connects

2017-07-04 07:07:57
Yoga • Connects
To all our festival friends. We are going offline today. Most team are going down to Glastonbury to get ready. In amongst putting on Yoga Connects Festival we will be meditating as a team, creating the vision. Our festival is being driven by vision and deep connection to the earth, to our fellow humans and to the animals. We deepen, listen, then create! This is a recipe for a great life. See you all there. We can't wait to be with the Connection Tribe this weekend! MOVE TASTE LISTEN CONNECT. <3

Yoga • Connects

2017-07-03 07:05:35
Yoga • Connects
Yoga Connects Gratitude Mondays: Feeling gratitude & not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it"


2017-07-01 16:03:29
AcroYogaDance will be at Yoga Connects Festival on Sunday 9th July - one week to go! We can't wait to take flight with them. Beginners class at 11:00 and advanced 6:30 pm <3