Transmission Australia Festival 2019

Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park, Sydney, Australia

16 Mar 2019



With massive dance parties spanning over 3 continents, Transmission first began in the heart of Europe with a vision to become the ultimate destination for festival goers. Today Transmission is one of the most accomplished Trance brands for respected artists to present their passions, proudly supported by visual productions uniquely engineered to magnify the music beyond common perception.

16 Mar 2019
Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park, Sydney
Dance / Electronic
Age restrictions
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86.49 EUR

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2019-03-17 01:10:46

's cover photo

2019-03-16 18:39:00

2019-03-16 13:46:30
Transmission Australia is now officially sold out! Thank you for the love Australia ❤ see you next year!

2019-03-16 10:35:26
Transmission - Australia 2019 is in full swing! We have had Marcus Santoro, AVAO, Ilan Bluestone and Purple Haze, now behind the decks: Above & Beyond! Join the livestream on youtube here: #TMAUS19

Transmission Festival is feeling excited.

2019-03-16 01:57:18
TRANSMISSION AUSTRALIA LIVESTREAM! One of the biggest productions in Australia

Vini Vici - Where The Heart Is (Live at Transmission Prague 2018)

2019-03-15 05:00:00
Move Yourself!

2019-03-15 01:49:07

2019-03-14 20:23:02
A wide selection of Transmission Australia 2019 Official Merchandise will be available on the night inside at the back left of the halls. Here you can find Transmission hoodies, bandanas, T-shirts

2019-03-13 09:45:38
"It's raining, it's pouring A black sky is falling It's cold tonight" ❤ Above & Beyond are touching down in Sydney soon. No matter the weather this Saturday, we've got you covered! Transmission Australia 2019 is an indoor event, we will be going ahead in rain, sun or moon

2019-03-13 01:00:00
It's official! Check out the timetable of Transmission Australia 2019 and make sure you'll be at Sydney Showground on time