The Summer Guitar Festival 2019

MDSM Krzyżowa, Krzyżowa 7, 58-112 Grodziszcze (near Świdnica) , Poland

13 - 23 Jul 2017



The Summer Guitar Festival has been organised in Krzyżowa (Poland) for thirteen years now.

The event features classical guitar workshops (conducted by the most eminent teachers and virtuosos from Poland and abroad), workshops on the jazz and flamenco guitar as well as flamenco dance. DVD presentations, lectures and exhibitions of guitars and music accessories have always been part of the programme of the Festival.

In the evenings, the teachers and participants of the workshops will meet in Piwnica Dżemowa (Jam Session in the basement of the Palace). It is a paradise for joint playing, perfecting the art of improvisation and... creating in general. The scene in the Palace is open for everyone, regardless of their age or abilities.

Always under control of responsible supervisors! The Summer Guitar Festival in Krzyżowa is targeted at everybody - professionals and amateurs, beginners and the advanced, primary school and university students. There is no age limit. It is a place for both active go-getters - future virtuosos, and lazy fans - spectators. There are many assets of the Summer Guitar Festival in Krzyżowa: great localization, excellent accomodation and food conditions, and rich educational and artistic programme.

13 - 23 Jul 2017
MDSM Krzyżowa, Krzyżowa 7, 58-112 Grodziszcze (near Świdnica)
Classical music and opera

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Photos from Guitar Masters Camp's post

2018-05-24 16:16:49
We remind you that tomorrow (25th May) at midnight (GMT+1) the discount for active participation packages at Guitar Masters Camp ends. Do not hesitate just join our happy group and spend an amazing holiday with a guitar in Krzyżowa! — Products shown: PAKIET FLEXI and PAKIET MAESTRO.

About Guitar Masters Camp -> the most important info

2018-05-15 06:40:00
About Guitar Masters Camp -> the most important info
Do you play the guitar or want to start? Come to the summer guitar course to Krzyżowa (Poland) on 15-25 July 2018!

Guitar Masters Camp 2018

2018-05-13 12:48:42
This is a short movie prepared by our lecturer - Michal Stanikowski. Share with your friends! And come to Krzyzowa this year

Guitar Masters Camp - zapisy na listę - odbierz praktyczny prezent

2018-05-09 20:49:41
Guitar Masters Camp - zapisy na listę - odbierz praktyczny prezent
With great joy, we invite you to the new Guitar Masters Camp site! Now you can buy the chosen package and select teachers. The whole process runs like in an online shop. Invite friends and come to Krzyżowa! P.S. Any feedback will be very welcome :)

2018-04-20 09:14:40
Here they are! Our leaflets has arrived! Do you want to help us with distribution? Simply contact us via Messenger. Have a nice Friday! ☀️

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2018-04-10 05:18:31

Magdalena Czwojda Music

2018-04-08 14:12:40
Magdalena Czwojda, która nieraz była wykładowcą na naszym kursie, dziś ma urodziny! Sto lat Magdaleno! Psst, jest okazja, żeby wygrać płytę, sprawdźcie film ;) Happy birthday, Magdalena Czwojda! If you want to give her best wishes and win her new album, check her post!

2018-03-23 18:24:07

Joscho Stephan Quartet - Najszybszy Gitarzysta Swiata

2018-03-19 19:06:04

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