SWR Barroselas Metalfest Festival 2019

Barroselas, Portugal

26 - 28 Apr 2019



26 - 28 Apr 2019

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26 - 28 Apr 2019 94 days remaining
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2019-01-21 19:43:03
SWR BARROSELAS METALFEST 22 26-28 April 2019 | Barroselas - Portugal www.swr-fest.com

2019-01-21 13:15:00
AUROCH | Canada www.swr-fest.com/artist/auroch Featuring two members from the much lauded Mitochondrion, the trio formed by S.M, Z.C. and S.H. will arrive from Vancouver, as part of the respected Profound Lore catalogue since the release of 2014's «Taman Shud», the project's second full-length, a mighty discharge of old school death metal with a modern chaotic twist. Direct heirs of the Canadian extremist legacy, Auroch unleash a primordial technicality akin to the likes of Cryptopsy or Gorguts, while at the same time bowing before the altar erected by Trey Azagthoth in Florida and drinking from dissonant black metal's fountain of inspiration. «Mute Books», the most recent recording (2016), doesn't stray from their established style, but feels even more coherent and savage, denser and more suffocating than anything they have done in the past.

2019-01-18 13:20:00
RAKTA | Brazil www.swr-fest.com/artist/rakta The Brazilian underground is a true gold mine right now, so alongside Deafkids and Nervosa, RAKTA will reveal themselves at SWR 2019. Hailing from São Paulo, these four talented Brazilians will hypnotise both knowing fans and all of those discovering their astounding mix of styles for the first time. Is it psych? Is it post punk? Is it death rock? Is it punk, or garage rock? The answer to all these questions is both "yes" and "kind of", and the more the ghostly appeal of their songs takes hold of your body and mind, the more categorisation ceases to matter. Displaying an unusual intensity on stage, and an uncontrollable inspiration that's seen them put out a plethora of releases, from albums to EPs, collaborations, compilations, singles and others, Rakta can well be one of the true revelations of this festival.

2019-01-17 13:20:00
WORMED | Spain www.swr-fest.com/artist/wormed A well known name for SWR regulars, and one of the most brilliant bands on offer out of the Spanish underground. Many of you certainly remember the moment in 2003 when WORMED released their debut album, «Planisphærium». The Madrid band finally showed itself to a bigger audience, through a devastating and, to a certain extent, unexpected record. Then, they pratically disappeared from the scene, only to reappear exactly ten years later with «Exodromos», yet another rock-solid opus, proving their approach to ultra-technical death metal will always see them rise above the sea of other bands who only bother regurgitating the same riffs and breakdowns over and over. Their most recent effort, «Krighsu», from 2016, reinforced their maturity and regularity, added a more cerebral side to the devastation and truly cemented Wormed as a force to be reckoned with. Even those who might be tired of technical brutality must sit down and take notes.

2019-01-16 13:15:00
MORTE INCANDESCENTE | Portugal www.swr-fest.com/artist/morteincandescente Nocturnus Horrendus and Vulturius, two of the most active and influential musicians in the Portuguese extreme underground scene, return to the old days of black metal on this project they created back in 2002, going back to a time when density and purity were still the norm in this scene. On records such as «Coffin Desecrators», «...Relembrando Um Túmulo Esquecido» or «...O Mundo Morreu!», Morte Incandescente (official) truly transports their listeners to the past – a past still very much present in the memory of the most orthodox fanatics – through compositions that don't even try to push the envelope, break barriers or whatever else, they just mean to invoke the timeless notion that black metal remains pure in its most archaic form, at least to a selected group of individuals that never stopped believing the essence of old. Profane, anguished music, hateful and melancholic in equal amounts, always overflowing with a burning essence, indifferent to conventional human definitions of "passion".

2019-01-15 13:20:00
DEAFKIDS | Brazil www.swr-fest.com/artist/deafkids The name DEAF KIDS has already been shaking several sections of the underground since the beginning of this decade with its raw mix of d-beat, punk and something more sinister and undescribable, and when there is quality and originality of this caliber, eventually good things happen. In 2017, the trio initially created by frontman Douglas in Volta Redonda/Rio de Janeiro as a one man band, incorporating bassist Marcelo and drummer Marian after that, reached the ears of the Neurosis guys themselves. As pioneers and bravers of new territories they are, they quickly realised the Deafkids noise is far from the usual norm, having signed them straight away to ther cult label, Neurot Recordings. From the overpowering debut EP, «6 Heretic Anthems For The Deaf», to the more recent «Configuração Do Lamento», a blast of psychedelic horror, only five years passed, but the work left behind by Deafkids already puts to shame many bands twice their age. And it seems they're only getting started.

2019-01-14 13:15:00
SAINT VITUS | USA www.swr-fest.com/artist/saint-vitus One of the very first doom metal bands, and also one of the most important – you could say that the Pentagram/Saint Vitus/Candlemass holy trinity constitutes the most important batch of Black Sabbath spiritual children, and without them the entire doom genre might not exist, and metal in general would be much different also. It was in 1981 that guitarist Dave Chandler changed the name of his band from Tyrant to Saint Vitus, already in the company of original vocalist Scott Reagers (who returned to his post in 2015), starting of a mythical journey that includes records as crucial as «Saint Vitus», «Born Too Late» or «Die Healing». If there are still any doubts about the indelible mark Saint Vitus have left – and still leave! – on metal as a whole, just count the number of tattoos of that typical V on the bodies of important musicians of all subgenres. We will be welcoming a true living legend on the Barroselas stage!

2019-01-11 13:00:01
CRAFT | Sweden www.swr-fest.com/artist/craft Two decades in, and no doubts remain that we stand before one of the best black metal acts, hailing from a country already known for its superior quality in that specific genre. Throughout these twenty years spent on black metal's front lines, the band lead by guitarists John Doe and Joakim Karlsson has consistently served some of the most visceral and bitter blasts of satanic darkness, with each of their first four records becoming genuine – and, honestly, oftner underrated – genre classics. From the sharp, cold harshness, faithfully transferred from Darkthrone, of «Total Soul Rape» and «Terror Propaganda», to the punch in the gut that was the unfuckwithable «Fuck The Universe», all through to the most paced, but not less potent, «Void», Craft have established an unprecedented cult around themselves. «White Noise And Black Metal», their first recording in seven years, follows the same direction, spitting out yet another dirty slab of dark and cruel metal.

SWR 21 - Survey / Inquérito

2018-05-10 17:30:01
SWR 21 - Survey / Inquérito
Don't forget to answer to our survey regarding this year's edition of the event! Your honest opinion is of great importance to us. You have until sunday to do it!

SWR 21 - Ambiente - Rita Limede

2018-05-06 12:56:10