Supynes Festival 2019

Tolieja, Molėtai, Lithuania

25 - 28 Jul 2019



Supynes Festival is an electronic music festival, held inside the Lithuanian woodland. Amazing verdant and lush woods, sprawling to the edges of taintless lakes. Carefully handpicked talents coming from the local scene and abroad. The festival has its own “Be Safe Lab”, which provides information about safety, whether it is drugs, sex or alcohol. It also offers free water, medical assistance, tips how to help a fellow raver and some nice chats if one does feel lonely and depressed.

25 - 28 Jul 2019
Tolieja, Molėtai
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65 EUR

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2019-06-07 17:57:03
For the past decade or so Channel37 aka Acid Lottery is twisting waveforms live. The wave twister works in the frequencies of house, techno, acid, electro and everything in between. He is the man behind raw, dirty, funky 21st century's grooves on Hedphon Records. Now residing in Copenhagen, the artist constantly tries to keep electronic music real, live and human all while sculpting his distinct sonic print. "Too late for house, too early for techno" – it's how Channel37 presents his live performance recorded exclusively for Supynes Festival 2019 music series. Find it on our Soundcloud: ⬢ Dive in and set the date – 07.25 - 28! —> Tickets: #supuynes2019 #channel37

Hello from #supynes2018!

2018-05-28 06:54:27
Take a walk around the beautiful surroundings of Supynes Festival 2018. We can't wait to intertwine #supynes2018 with this mesmerising nature of Lithuania! ⭕️ by A r c a n a F e m i n a

Supynes Festival

2018-05-25 08:04:41
Supynes Festival
#supynes2018 website is up and running, so we say hello! We're also happy to announce that Supynes Festival is the first crypto friendly electronic music festival in the Baltic states – buy your tickets using Bitcoin, Litecoin and others! It will be constantly updated up until the festival, so you can track news there as well :)

The 24 European Techno Festivals That You Should Go To This Summer – Telekom Electronic Beats

2018-05-24 15:05:01
Telekom Electronic Beats includes #supynes2018 to top 24 European Techno festivals to visit this summer! "Supynes festival <...> is returning to the magical Lithuanian lakeside in July 2018. Featuring a stacked lineup of live electronic acts like Lake People and The Empire Line, the festival will also host performances from acclaimed DJs like DJ Stingray and Silent Servant (Official) alongside a strong contingent of local talent."

Supynes Festival is with Mayank Saraiya and 2 others.

2018-05-24 06:07:37
We've just visited wonderful Strichka Festival in Kiev. And we return with the gift! THP guys gave us a special vinyl only recording for our #supynes2018 music series: THP is a Kiev-based DJ trio of Trippsy, Haathi and Puoro. Frequently playing at the infamous Closer club THP jump from the light waves of balearic, spacious house to more strict, acid, dark techy genres. These sounds are perfect for heavy midnight dances or marathon long morning daydreams on the dancefloor. No doubt they will reverberate equally well with bustling Lithuanian woodlands.

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2018-05-23 10:38:01
"Every festival needs its volunteers." – unknown raver/organiser. So we ask you – who will be #supynes2018 volunteers? Is it you? Fill in the form and we'll contact you! -

2018-05-19 16:17:00
Love and be loved! Feel #supynes2018: ⭕️ 〰️

#supynes2018 lineup drop 0.8

2018-05-17 14:57:33
Praise HIGH stage lovers! #supynes2018 Lineup drop 0.8 for the marathon dancers w/ SMALA: המסך הלבן \ The White ScreenLIVE Manfredas 12 INČŲ PO ŽEME Tickets for the weekend:

Supynes Festival is at Poilsio kompleksas - stovyklavietė Tolieja.

2018-05-14 08:16:59
We're starting our Supynes Festival 2018 music series with this: Linas Strankauskas better known as “Pinigai” is whom, on the first glance, you’d call a new comer. But the west sider spins a wide spectrum of quality House on the weekly basis around Lithuania doing warm ups for central names in todays genre. Young and enthusiastic approach at times seems effortless while you observe Pinigai playing. Although this exterior hides hours of digging through new and old, fresh and classic tracks. Start your Monday with these gems.

Tylios Naktys

2018-05-13 18:09:58
Join Kameu x Adeph for an hour live from ZIP FM radio. Music and talks about #supynes2018! Replay the mix from the 3rd hour.