Supynes Festival 2019

Tolieja, Molėtai, Lithuania

25 - 28 Jul 2019



Supynes Festival is an electronic music festival, held inside the Lithuanian woodland. Amazing verdant and lush woods, sprawling to the edges of taintless lakes. Carefully handpicked talents coming from the local scene and abroad. The festival has its own “Be Safe Lab”, which provides information about safety, whether it is drugs, sex or alcohol. It also offers free water, medical assistance, tips how to help a fellow raver and some nice chats if one does feel lonely and depressed.

25 - 28 Jul 2019
Tolieja, Molėtai
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65 EUR

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Supynes Festival Spotify

Supynes Festival 2019 // HIGH

2019-07-25 23:46:39

2019-07-25 18:17:50
You don't want to miss this hallucinating forest cinema spot at Supynes Festival this weekend. Collaboration of two amazing artists Egle Zvirblyte & Silver Huber for your eyes and for your mind.

2019-07-25 17:23:26
Long awaited 13th edition of Supynes Festival starts with the compilation of selected works of various mostly local artists, performing at Lithuanian electronic music festival dating back to 2006. Most of them are newcomers with an adult approach in their sound direction. This neon colored casette release is compiled from a special nightmarish shipment "Call It" coming from Japan’s human-beast Dj Die Soon and a range of local delicacies as a screaming energizer track “Let It Be” made by scene’s trickster Jaroška. Discover more thrilling surprises inside this limited edition MC. ⬢ More info —> Listen it on our Soundcloud —> #supynes2019 #casette

2019-07-25 10:26:10
Quick reminder for those who are coming to spend their weekend at #2019. At the entrance we'll have additional taxes: Eco tax - 2eur per person If you’ll come by car parking taxes will be: Car - 15eur Mini van - 30eur Camper - 40eur Last tickets: 4day pass - 75eur 3day pass - 65eur 2day pass - 55eur Tickets: Or at the door. #supynes2019 #ishere

2019-07-25 09:59:08
It will be hot as hell this weekend! ☀️

2019-07-25 09:33:13
We're counting last hours till the big bang start!

Supynes Festival 2019 // LESS

2019-07-24 20:42:13
Apart from being a talented producer and performer, Projekt Dataline also works for Elektron, a world-famous Swedish gear brand. He employs these machines in order to handcraft the world of mellow and sophisticated techno passages. They fully unravel in his live performances, which might develop in a variety of different ways, whether they are floating aquatic pulsations or intense techno jams. With such an expertise in hardware, the sonic highways are wide. ⬢ Millions of things happen then Dataline is on Less stage —> tickets link in bio #supynes2019 #dataline

2019-07-24 18:16:03
We're counting last hours!

Supynes Festival 2019 // PLAYGROUND

2019-07-24 10:22:54
Exhausted Modern is a Prague based DJ and producer and a half of a well-known Endless Illusion label. Having had a recent release on brokntoys, Ladislav Zensor pushes forward with another excellent release on Rotterdam Electronix. We couldn't be happier than to catch this guy right on the verge of going to the top. The artist treads a delicate line of subtle shifts and refined forms in his production and DJ sets, all while still maintaining a surprise factor. ⬢ Take a new and unexplored road with Exhausted Modern this summer in Supynes woods this Saturday —> tickets: #supynes2019 #exhaustedmodern #playground

2019-07-24 10:06:22
Slowly moving forward at first, gradually things accelerate, accumulate more power, explode at times. 4x4 gives way to darker broken rhythms, shamanistic vocals and noisy curves. Story gets more intense again for the final stretch before letting go into melancholic final notes. Sounds like a description of a wavy mix? Well this time it’s Supynes Festival 2019 Spotify playlist consisting only from this years artists productions. Put it on, turn the volume up and let it be your soundtrack on the road to Supynes Festival 2019! ⬢ Listen to the playlist here: #supynes2019