Sonar Festival 2019

Barcelona, Spain

15 - 17 Jun 2017



Sónar is an International Festival of Advanced Music and New Media Art taking place in Barcelona during three days in summer. Sónar is constantly on the pulse of the current electronic music landscape. Its interactions and hybridizations with digital creation and new media, unites established artists with emerging talent, in all areas of musical and audiovisual production. Sonar presents a program with a common goal: to make the relationship between creativity, technology, mobility, innovation and business more transparent and accessible. Sónar has organized events all of the world: Reykjavik, Buenos Aires, New York, London, Frankfurt, Seoul, Lisboa, Lyon, Hamburg, Toronto and many more world cities.


15 - 17 Jun 2017
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You must be 18 or older to attend Sónar by Night

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2018-06-06 18:48:38
A menacing mid-tempo techno creeper from ATZAR (Ochomel) is today's SónarPremiere. Get down to Sónar by Day early on Friday 15th June to catch their 8 handed, all hardware, live set at SonarVillage by Estrella Damm #sonar25 Listen here

2018-06-06 07:00:02
Sónar by Day becomes an creative laboratory and digital playground in 1 weeks time with the start of Sónar+D. The congress runs from Weds 13th through Sat 16th June, with many activities open to Sónar by Day ticket holders. More info at

Benjamin Damage

2018-06-05 14:04:13
A treat for fans of analogue techno, machine funk and all things hardware. Listen to Benjamin Damage's first release on legendary label R&S Records below, and don't miss his show at Sónar by Night on Fri 15th June!

2018-06-05 08:14:44
A leading light of LA's underground electronic scene, in recent years Jennifer Lees' TOKiMONSTA has graduated to the major leagues thanks to her blending of timeless west coast pop melodies with R&B, Hip-hop and blissful trapped out beats. Don't miss her AV show live on Friday 15th June at SonarPub

Sónar Premiere: Cora Novoa "No Sex" (Original Mix)

2018-06-04 14:00:01
Sónar Premiere: Cora Novoa "No Sex" (Original Mix)
Listen to this slice of uncompromising analogue techno with backbone from Cora Novoa. The producer will be teaming up with Clip for a live show at SonarDôme by Red Bull Music at 18:00 on Fri 15th June.

2018-06-04 11:24:01
A very special closing set by the master, Laurent Garnier on Thursday 14th June, comprised of all original material and remixes through till 00:00 on the first day of #sonar2018 Get your day tickets here

2018-06-02 12:28:15
Just 2 weeks to go until moments like this! #sonar2018 kicks off Thurs 14th June! Get your tickets now before it’s too late #sonar25

GoldLink - Sónar Barcelona 2018

2018-06-01 21:15:00
GoldLink - Sónar Barcelona 2018
Bridging the gap between coastal styles from his base in Washington DC GoldLink is a new and unstoppable force in US hip-hop. Catch him live at Sónar by Night, Fri 15th June

The Constellations of Sónar by Night 4. Techno and experimental club music - Sónar Barcelona 2018

2018-06-01 15:00:02
With two weeks to go until the festival we're unveiling our fourth and final constellation: The stars of techno at Sónar by Night featuring Helena Hauff Charlotte de Witte, Benjamin Damage, Lanark Artefax and more. Read the full article below #sonar25

2018-06-01 11:54:20
25 years of Sónar Image is brought to life in the exhibition NO FLYERS, NO POSTERS, currently at Centre d'Art Tecla Sala L'Hospitalet. On Sat 2 June, the ghostly stars of the 2010 campaign will be giving a guided tour, in Russian, with translations and further explanations given by Sónar co-director Sergio Caballero. Sign up for the tour here #sonar25