Sónar Hong Kong Festival 2019

Science Park, Pak Shek Kok, Hong Kong

13 Apr 2019



Sónar is the International Festival of Advanced Music and New Media Art originating from Barcelona.
Respected by music fans the world over for its eclectic lineup, high-quality production and unwavering support for legendary and pioneering electronic artists, Sónar represents another major coup for Hong Kong’s cultural scene. Linking music, creativity and technology, Sónar has a well-earned reputation for uniting electronic music lovers and creative people from different disciplines and communities, offering a unique platform for cultural collaboration.
On the creative technology side, the Sónar +D - Congress of creative technology features a series of technology-centred activities, including Workshops, Talks, an Expo, Virtual Reality and New Media for creative communities, presenting a unique opportunity for people to exchange ideas and explore the spaces where creativity and technology meet in a fun and inspiring environment.

13 Apr 2019
Hong Kong
Science Park, Pak Shek Kok
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65.35 EUR

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2019-04-01 10:10:29
Milk不愧為走在潮流尖端的雜誌,我們的心意都被你看穿了!看看Milk對Sónar香港的評價,並馬上把握機會入手門票!買飛即到 bit.ly/2SKJR54 #sonarhongkong #sonarhk2019

2019-03-31 10:00:01
One of the most respected names in Hong Kong’s underground techno and electro-house scenes, DJ Visaal made his name with a residency at infamous after-hours club Buddha Lounge, as well as through guest slots at Drop, VOLAR Hong Kong and oma, among others. Since then, he’s gone on to play alongside the likes of Ferry Corsten, Jermaine Dupri, Laidback Luke and Sasha, and released the tracks Tokyo Glitch and Laughing Boombox under the pseudonym KETO. Don’t miss his Sónar Hong Kong debut, get your tickets now at bit.ly/2RWc1Wm DJ Visaal是香港地下Techno與Electro-House界最有份量的名字之一,曾任傳奇Buddha Lounge駐場DJ,也是Drop、Volar及OMA等著名夜店的客籍DJ,及後更與Ferry Corsten、Jermaine Dupri、Laidback Luke及Sasha等DJ界巨人同台演出,並以KETO的名義推出大熱作Tokyo Glitch及Laughing Boombox,切勿錯過DJ Visaal的Sónar香港首演,買飛即到 bit.ly/2SKJR54 #sonarhongkong #sonarhk2019

2019-03-30 11:18:47
Best enjoyed with friends, gather your crew for #sonarhk2019 and all save with our Group of 4 offer at bit.ly/2RWc1Wm 三五知己一起狂歡必定玩得更忘形,情緒更興奮!立刻召集身邊喜愛電音及另類音樂、最潮的朋友們-四人同行即享特別優惠,購票:bit.ly/2SKJR54 #sonarhongkong #sonarhk2019

2019-03-29 07:31:42
The co-founder of nightlife collective Utopia Hong Kong, Marco Yu has carved out a reputation as one of the most mesmerising acts on the local scene, spinning minimal house and techno as well as heavier industrial sounds with a raw edge at a succession of warehouse parties and secret venues all over the city. Tune into his distinctive brand of techno at Sónar Hong Kong – tickets are available now at bit.ly/2RWc1Wm 作為本地電音平台Utopia Hong Kong創辦人之一,Marco Yu其帶點粗獷並加入工業元素的Minimal House與Techno,在連串貨倉及秘密派對令樂迷如痴如醉,令他成為本地最突出的電音演出單位之一。想在Sónar香港欣賞他別具一格的Techno演譯,即刻買飛:bit.ly/2SKJR54 #sonarhongkong #sonarhk2019

Sónar Hong Kong

2019-03-28 09:40:09
Sónar Hong Kong
Sónar lights up when the sun goes down, with dancefloor-filling sets by some of the world’s best DJs, including British Trip-hop Legend Bonobo, Spanish house maestro John Talabot and much more! Get your tickets now at bit.ly/2RWc1Wm 隨著日落西山,Sónar的派對氣氛馬上極速升溫!一連串國際頂尖DJ包括英國Trip-hop傳奇Bonobo及西班牙House殿堂大師John Talabot等等將會隆重現身,大放強勁舞池能量!買飛即到 bit.ly/2SKJR54 #sonarhongkong #sonarhk2019

Sónar Hong Kong

2019-03-27 08:16:14
Sónar Hong Kong
Road-test the latest prototypes and pioneering creative technologies at Sónar’s futuristic expo zone, MarketLab, from cutting-edge musical instruments and synthesizers to trailblazing wearable tech. Get your tickets now at bit.ly/2RWc1Wm 充滿未來感的MarketLab是Sónar的創意科技展覽區,內裡滿載著新奇的樂器、合成器以至最尖端的穿戴式智能科技產品,讓你實地測試最新的產品原型及其他新穎科技。買飛即到 bit.ly/2SKJR54 #sonarhongkong #sonarhk2019

2019-03-26 10:54:55
A special collaboration between WSK: Festival of the Recently Possible and Sónar Hong Kong, the Soundtable Workshop takes you on a quickfire journey through 100 years of music theory before giving you the chance to assemble your own special-edition WSK 8-bit mixtape pocket synthesizer – then put it into action in a noise orchestra group performance. No prior knowledge required! Register now: bit.ly/2Oc1Ex2 由WSK: Festival of the Recently Possible和Sónar香港組成的特別合作企劃Soundtable Workshop帶你高速了解100年的音樂理論,再讓你親手組裝只屬於你的WSK迷你8-bit mixtape電子合成器 – 完成後馬上來個噪音合奏!整個過程無需任何程式編寫知識,立即登記:bit.ly/2uahjUJ #sonarhongkong #sonarhk2019

2019-03-26 08:50:02
One of the city’s best-kept secrets, Hong Kong Science Park is the ideal setting for the Sónar festival. Featuring a selection of indoor and outdoor spaces in an eye-catching high-tech complex overlooking the waters of Tolo Harbour, the easy-to-reach venue offers a festival vibe that you won’t find anywhere else in Hong Kong. Get your tickets now at bit.ly/2RWc1Wm 香港科學園作為這座城市最佳秘密景點之一,正是Sónar音樂節最佳場域。五個特別挑選的室內外場地,同時俯瞰吐露港的景色,結合超前科技,必定驚艷你的視覺享受。買飛即到 bit.ly/2SKJR54 #sonarhongkong #sonarhk2019

Sónar Hong Kong

2019-03-25 10:05:34
Sónar Hong Kong
Cutting-edge sound art and mind-blowing visuals come together in Sónar’s unique AV performances, from electronic music made by plants to exploring virtual worlds where reality and fantasy collide. Get your tickets now at bit.ly/2RWc1Wm Sónar獨特的視聽表演融合前衛聲音藝術與震撼視覺效果,包括以植物製作的電子音樂及疑幻似真的虛擬世界,帶你進入前所未有的想像空間。買飛: bit.ly/2SKJR54 #sonarhongkong #sonarhk2019

2019-03-24 14:22:20
With a sound that spans techno, trance and minimal by way of industrial, Cantopop and classical, Hong Kong’s Alexmalism (aka Alex Yiu) has never been afraid to take chances. His Sónar Hong Kong debut comes hot on the heels of his debut EP, TKO, which was released on local underground label Absurd Trax in December. Get your tickets now at bit.ly/2RWc1Wm 由Techno、Trance、Minimal Industrial玩到Cantopop及古典音樂,本地薑Alexmalism(又名Alex Yiu)一向勇敢創新。緊接著他首張EP TKO,Alexmalism即將舉行他的Sónar香港首演。買飛即到 bit.ly/2SKJR54 #sonarhongkong #sonarhk2019