Sónar Hong Kong Festival 2019

Science Park, Pak Shek Kok, Hong Kong

13 Apr 2019



Sónar is the International Festival of Advanced Music and New Media Art originating from Barcelona.
Respected by music fans the world over for its eclectic lineup, high-quality production and unwavering support for legendary and pioneering electronic artists, Sónar represents another major coup for Hong Kong’s cultural scene. Linking music, creativity and technology, Sónar has a well-earned reputation for uniting electronic music lovers and creative people from different disciplines and communities, offering a unique platform for cultural collaboration.
On the creative technology side, the Sónar +D - Congress of creative technology features a series of technology-centred activities, including Workshops, Talks, an Expo, Virtual Reality and New Media for creative communities, presenting a unique opportunity for people to exchange ideas and explore the spaces where creativity and technology meet in a fun and inspiring environment.

13 Apr 2019
Hong Kong
Science Park, Pak Shek Kok
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Sónar Hong Kong

2019-03-25 10:05:34
Sónar Hong Kong
Cutting-edge sound art and mind-blowing visuals come together in Sónar’s unique AV performances, from electronic music made by plants to exploring virtual worlds where reality and fantasy collide. Get your tickets now at bit.ly/2RWc1Wm Sónar獨特的視聽表演融合前衛聲音藝術與震撼視覺效果,包括以植物製作的電子音樂及疑幻似真的虛擬世界,帶你進入前所未有的想像空間。買飛: bit.ly/2SKJR54 #sonarhongkong #sonarhk2019

2019-03-24 14:22:20
With a sound that spans techno, trance and minimal by way of industrial, Cantopop and classical, Hong Kong’s Alexmalism (aka Alex Yiu) has never been afraid to take chances. His Sónar Hong Kong debut comes hot on the heels of his debut EP, TKO, which was released on local underground label Absurd Trax in December. Get your tickets now at bit.ly/2RWc1Wm 由Techno、Trance、Minimal Industrial玩到Cantopop及古典音樂,本地薑Alexmalism(又名Alex Yiu)一向勇敢創新。緊接著他首張EP TKO,Alexmalism即將舉行他的Sónar香港首演。買飛即到 bit.ly/2SKJR54 #sonarhongkong #sonarhk2019

2019-03-23 05:40:27
Join hands on workshop with Arduino, the world’s favourite electronic prototyping platform, by building a simple VU meter. You’ll connect wires on a breadboard while developing code on a laptop, then learn about digital and analog input and output using LEDs, a microphone and a potentiometer. No previous coding experience needed! Register now: bit.ly/2Oc1Ex2 Arduino數碼音量計製作與編碼工作坊既可體驗全球最受歡迎的電子原型平台,還可製作一個屬於你的音量計!參加者將會連接麵包板上的電線並在電腦上編碼,再借助LED燈,麥克風和電位計了解數字和模擬輸入及輸出!整個過程無需任何程式編寫知識,立即登記:bit.ly/2uahjUJ #sonarhongkong #sonarhk2019

Sónar Hong Kong

2019-03-22 09:12:44
Sónar Hong Kong
From laidback afternoon beats to epic sundown sets, Sónar’s daytime lineup is straight-up unmissable, with live slots from jazz-funk maestro Thundercat, electropop superstar MØ and much more! Get your tickets now at bit.ly/2RWc1Wm 無論是悠閒的慢版節拍讓你享受寫意下午,又或是壯麗電音伴你欣賞日落西山,Sónar香港強大的日間陣容包括破格Jazz-funk大神Thundercat及丹麥Electro-pop天后MØ等等,絕對不容錯過!入手音樂節門票:bit.ly/2SKJR54 #sonarhongkong #sonarhk2019

2019-03-21 08:25:27
Take part in SAN workshop, an intriguing experiment about the future of architecture, by building a network that is not only self-aware but which can interact with its environment to create soundscapes. Connect nodes to make an electronic ‘brain’, then use it to form a modular synthesizer controlled by spatial positioning. No prior knowledge required! Register now: bit.ly/2Oc1Ex2 SAN是一個有關未來建築的有趣實驗工作坊,它建立的網絡不僅擁有自我意識,更可憑與環境的互動來編出音樂場境。先連接節點製作電子「大腦」,再利用它來形成以空間定位控制的模組化電子合成器!整個過程無需任何程式編寫知識,立即登記:bit.ly/2uahjUJ #sonarhongkong #sonarhk2019

Sónar Hong Kong

2019-03-20 11:47:06
Sónar Hong Kong
Featuring insights from the innovators behind some of the festival’s most intriguing creative technology experiences, the Sónar creative technology Talks programme is your ticket to a journey of creativity discovery. Get your tickets now at bit.ly/2RWc1Wm 在Sónar的創意科技講座,你可以聽聽作品原創人親自解說,進一步了解音樂節所展出的創科體驗,踏上深度創意之旅。入手音樂節門票:bit.ly/2SKJR54 #sonarhongkong #sonarhk2019

Sónar Hong Kong

2019-03-20 07:26:03
Sónar Hong Kong
Sónar Hong Kong 2019 is just less than a month away, and we can’t wait to welcome you on site at Hong Kong Science Park on 13 April. Get your tickets now at bit.ly/2RWc1Wm Sónar香港還有不足一個月就回歸香港科學園,4月13日,為樂迷提供一連串的前衛電音盛宴、嘆為觀止的視聽表演及創意科技體驗。入手音樂節門票:bit.ly/2SKJR54 #sonarhongkong #sonarhk2019

2019-03-19 08:25:39
We are making departing from the Science Park as efficient and easy as possible by providing complimentary shuttle services to Mong Kok and Admiralty. Transport made simple and done right, all part of the Sónar HK experience. Get your tickets now at bit.ly/2RWc1Wm Sónar香港一向著重全面的音樂節體驗,大會將為你安排免費接駁巴士服務,讓你方便地由科學園安全離開,盡興狂歡至最後一刻!現在就入手音樂節門票:bit.ly/2SKJR54 #sonarhongkong #sonarhk2019

2019-03-18 10:50:49
With more than 20 years in the game – including residencies at KEE Club, Drop and MO Bar at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong – Ivan Sit is one of the most experienced DJs on the Hong Kong scene. From house, jazz, funk and Motown to ‘70s disco, afro beats, northern soul and old-school electro boogie, Sit serves up sets are eclectic, cultured and supremely listenable. Get your tickets now at bit.ly/2RWc1Wm 打滾了20年的Ivan Sit – 身任KEE Club、Drop與MO Bar駐場DJ,他的厲害之處來自其深厚的音樂知識及唱片收藏,無論House、Jazz、Funk、Motown、70s Disco、Afro Beats、Northern Soul 與Old-School Electro Boogie都能輕鬆駕馭。立即購票:bit.ly/2SKJR54 #sonarhongkong #sonarhk2019

2019-03-17 07:00:01
Mixmag Asia loves Sónar Hong Kong! Check out what the clubbing bible had to say about the festival below, and get your tickets now at bit.ly/2RWc1Wm 看看亞洲最強clubbing指南Mixmag Asia給我們以下的重量級評價!門票現正公開發售,把握機會,買飛即到:bit.ly/2SKJR54 #sonarhongkong #sonarhk2019