Shankra Festival 2017

Lostallo, Switzerland

12 - 16 Jul 2017



Psychedelic Trance Festival

12 - 16 Jul 2017
Dance / Electronic

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2017-10-18 22:01:07
Dear Shankra family, the pre-sale tickets for the festival have been launched: Our is an independent community of workers, free of external sponsorship: we do need your presence and love to continue making the festival a dreamers place for Art in all forms. Tickets revenue is entirely needed to support such innovative and energetic venue. Pre-sale is classified into Early Birds, Level 1, 2, 3 and 4: once the limited tickets are sold out for one level, the next one will begin automatically. The only difference between the levels is the price, so make sure to buy your ticket in time. Our festival is and will continue to be a place of gathering accessible for all people around the globe. Everyone is welcome, different cultures and beliefs can only create a harmony like music does on Shankra’s dancefloors: a wide list of countries is eligible for the ‘Friendly Price’ Tickets, check out if yours is included in the following weeks. Be part of this incredible and ambitious journey sharing your original thoughts, visionary ideas, fervent feelings and constructive suggestions connecting with the Shankra community and writing us on : The encounter of diverse opinions is necessary to improve and generate fresh reactions, our team is looking forward to get better day by day. Your ideas and actions reflect who you are. Your Life is Your Message Shankra Team

2017-10-18 15:35:54

Back to Nature Festival - September Ritual (Tree of Life) — Steemit

2017-10-18 14:20:30
Back to Nature Festival - September Ritual (Tree of Life) — Steemit

2017-10-18 10:15:35

2017-10-17 19:52:18

2017-10-16 10:08:00
Dear Shankra Family, We are blissed to announce that our 4th Edition will be a 6 days festival that will take place from the 10th to the 15th of July 2018. Tickets pre-sale will start on Wednesday 18 October, the number of tickets will be limited to keep on the warm and familiar atmosphere of our gathering. Tickets can be purchased online on the official website:, which will be soon updated. Your Life Is Your Message Shankra Team

Free Wave Vs. Psylex - Spiritual Session

2017-10-11 14:03:43
Free Wave Vs. Psylex - Spiritual Session

2017-10-10 10:06:00
Dear Shankra Family, The beauty of music is that it connects people without borders nor limits: our festival reunited folks from all over the world to share the message of peace and freedom dancing and smiling on our dancefloors. Words are not enough to explain the overwhelming feeling of gratitude and love created by the wonderful harmony and sense of unity present in the valley during the 5 days of festival. We would like to acknowledge each and every person who accompanied us during this long-term journey towards this lively gathering: Our most profound thanks goes to our energetic workers and volunteers for believing in the power of change for the best, supporting our challenging ideas and proposing suggestions whenever needed, working hard, making our vision their vision and taking it to a higher level. Thanks to the local people and the municipality of Lostallo, to the medical First Aid crew and the security staff for supporting and taking care of us, to our wonderful Artists for expressing themselves in their own way, to the food and market shops, for the Deco Team for their stunning visuals, to the sound system guys for the amazing resonance, to the stage managers of Shankra, Horizon and Lotus Floor, to the photographers and video-makers for catching the beauty of our vibrant souls, to the Eco Team, to all the Shankra followers, to friends and families and to everyone that made this ambitious and creative project happen! We are aware of some flaws that happened during the 5 days event and we will work hard to rectify them; learning is an infinite process, please send your suggestions and critics to: Shankra 2018’s edition Dates and ticket pre-sale for Shankra 2018 will be announced shortly, so keep yourself updated! Your Life Is Your Message Shankra Team

Shankra Festival 2017

2017-10-02 15:21:28
Shankra Festival 2017

In a Mirror,

2017-09-16 14:06:04
In a Mirror, psychedelic for psychedelic friends ... "-" ....