Sacred Ground Festival 2019

Trampe 9, Brüssow, Germany

12 - 14 Jul 2019



Located in the idyllic countryside just north of Berlin, Sacred Grounds free-spirited ethos combined with international DJs, Bands and Live Artists is transforming the idea of what a festival can be. We are dedicated to life’s true pleasures – art, nature and culinary specialties – and with a line-up of friends and respected artists invited by the curators Ry X and Frank Wiedemann.

12 - 14 Jul 2019
Trampe 9, Brüssow
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Photos from Sacred Ground Festival's post

2019-06-26 13:07:51
If you want to join our gathering but won't be able to stay for the whole weekend - don't worry! Day tickets are now available


2019-06-25 09:20:08
Off to paradise. Music by Tora

2019-06-24 14:50:09
To everyone close by Trampe - regional tickets are on sale now. Just pop into Getränke A-Z in Brüssow☀️☀️


2019-06-21 14:00:15
Escape into these broad and beautiful landscapes Sacred Ground is surrounded by. Curated by RY X and Frank Wiedemann 12. - 14.07. Sacred Ground Festival 2019 Music by RY X.

2019-06-19 15:42:13
Find relaxation, unwind and dive into Sacred Ground's spiritual side - we offer a variety of opportunities for an individual body work experience✨ We are blessed to welcome these professional advocates sharing exceptional workshops with us • Sweet Energy Yoga • CACAO MAMA • Spirit of Breath - Healing Conscious Breathing • The Mindfulness Advocate You'll find more infos on our mindfulness programme on our website: © Kiran Dadlani

Frank Wiedemann & Mellow Jam 2019 | Morningshow am Nachmittag

2019-06-18 11:35:39
Frank Wiedemann & Mellow Jam 2019 | Morningshow am Nachmittag
Frank Wiedemann will be at FluxFMs 'Morningshow am Nachmittag' today. Tune in at 4pm CET and you will also here a new RY X remix

2019-06-14 14:49:52
The gates to the Sacred Grounds will open soon! To make this special weekend happen, we of course need a lot of helping hands when it comes to setting up the side, running the festival smoothly and leaving nothing behind but beautiful nature after the festival. Are you interested in joining the family? Contact us via this link: © Laura Kai


2019-06-13 11:05:03
an intimate experience curated by RY X and Frank Wiedemann 12. - 14.07.2019

2019-06-11 13:42:09
Need to wind down in between DJ sets or just enjoy the night skies? There will be plenty of comfy sofas waiting for you at Sacred Ground Festival. © Alexander Jedermann

Telekom Electronic Beats

2019-06-06 14:11:55
Telekom Electronic Beats
Super happy to be shortlisted by our friends from Telekom Electronic Beats!