Pirate Ship Boat Party Festival 2019

Navajo Shipwreck, Zante, Greece

17 Jul - 31 Aug 2019



It's truly a breath taking event, the biggest pirate ship in Europe exclusively for Life Events for a boat party that has never been seen before. More than 400 people on board sailing to one of the most famous beaches in the world, the wreck (Navajo Shipwreck). The ship will dock directly at the beach at a time when no other organized excursion will be present ... making the beach exclusive for the event participants. The Pirate Ship Boat party is the only boat party that can exclusively follow this itinerary. On board, Dj set, entertainment and cocktail bar available for all customers

17 Jul - 31 Aug 2019
Navajo Shipwreck, Zante
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39 EUR

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17 Jul - 31 Aug 2019 LIVE
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Pirate Ship

2018-11-29 09:37:55

The Pirate Ship Zante is in Zante, Zakinthos, Greece.

2018-11-27 11:29:38
Pirate ship zante la festa in barca più grande d'Europa!

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2018-11-15 12:23:01

Pirate Ship

2018-11-15 12:22:17

Untitled Album

2018-06-26 07:41:53

The Pirate Ship Zante

2018-06-26 07:32:45

Travel Pilots

2018-03-10 07:46:05
Summer 2018 loading...

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2018-02-13 13:40:54
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The Pirate Ship Zante

2018-02-13 13:40:03
The Pirate Ship Zante