Heartland Festival 2019

Egeskov Castle, Egeskov Gade 18, Kværndrup, Denmark

30 May - 1 Jun 2019



Heartland Festival is weekend experience of music, art, talks and food, located in the stunning surroundings of Egeskov Castle and Gardens in Denmark. The festival offers an international line up of acclaimed musicians, artists, chefs and speakers.

30 May - 1 Jun 2019
Egeskov Castle, Egeskov Gade 18, Kværndrup
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All ages
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278.53 EUR

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30 May - 1 Jun 2019 103 days remaining
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2019-02-14 07:00:01
What is it like to live as a refugee? How does observing the impressions created by the media and political debates blur the nuances of the real world? What happens to the individual when identity and rights become inextricably linked to being a refugee? Legendary German writer and undercover journalist Günter Wallraff & Danish writer Kristian Husted discuss these questions and more in the 2018 Heartland Talk "Who has the rights to human rights?" - Listen to the entire talk now in the latest episode of the Heartland podcast - Out now!

Tasteland Stage at Heartland 2018

2018-05-29 13:52:43
There are many great workshops to look forward to at Tasteland Stage. Among them is the talk between Matt Orlando of Amass Restaurant and Henning Wiesinger of Steensgaard. Check out the Tasteland Stage program on our website and begin to build up your appetite: Video by FoodScene

Program Paper

2018-05-29 10:46:28
Get ready for Heartland... The official program paper is now available on our website:


2018-05-29 08:24:41
Our camping area Dreamland is placed in stunning surroundings just by the festival site at Egeskov. Remember to buy a camping pass if you plan to stay here. We look forward to welcoming you in Dreamland! Camping passes can be purchased here:

2018-05-28 12:39:43
UPDATE: The tickets went fast and Stedsans in the Wood at Heartland 2018 is yet again sold out. EXTRA SEATS JUST RELEASED Tickets for Stedsans in the Woods at Heartland Festival 2018 sold out quickly in March, but today we release a very limited amount of seats for this extraordinary food experience. Hurry up and get your ticket here:

The The

2018-05-28 12:22:51

2018-05-27 17:12:40
Egeskov was looking particularly beautiful last night... We can't wait to share this spectacular place with all of you in less than a week.

Heartland x kunsten.nu: Det politiske er (stadig) personligt - kunsten.nu

2018-05-27 08:54:01
Heartland x kunsten.nu: Det politiske er (stadig) personligt - kunsten.nu
The political is (still) personal. Get ready for our ART program by reading this kunsten.nu article about Heartland Temporary: The Object is to Change the Soul.

2018-05-26 21:09:54
We are proud to present Sound Stage by the magic tree. On the "stage" you will find a curated program of podcasts made by award-winning podcast producers as well as well-kept secrets. You can listen to amazing tales and wild stories while enjoying the wonderful views of Egeskov Castle and the park. The program includes a selection of B&O PLAY/Bang & Olufsen’s Sounds Matters and episodes of podcasts such as 99% Invisible, Song Exploder, Benjamin Walker's Theory Of Everything, Reply all, The Light In The Attic, Here Be Monsters, Lost Notes, Unfictional, Bookworm, Cargoland and many more. See the full Sound Stage program on our website:

2018-05-26 17:19:57
The weather forecast for next week's Heartland Festival 2018 is looking pretty good...