Electric Daisy Carnival Festival 2017

Las Vegas, United States

16 - 18 Jun 2017



Multiple stages of electronic music and events at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway as well as luxury hotels and low rate hotels for afterhours party’s.

The festival brings Insomniac’s signature over-the-top production and creative elements including elaborately designed stage production and lighting, pyrotechnics, dancers and acrobats, roaming theatrical performers, interactive art installations and amazing music, with many new surprises for visitors to discover.

16 - 18 Jun 2017
United States
Las Vegas
Dance / Electronic
> 100,000

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2017-06-24 20:38:39
Good times on the wideawakeARTCAR. ✨


2017-06-24 13:10:30

2017-06-23 23:47:42
Yo, I know this is a long shot, but you miss 100% of the shots you don't take, right? I had a few people come up to me and get photos with me last weekend. I didn't know them, just random folk. Such a cool thing. I was curious if anybody here happens to be any of those people, and if so, I was hoping I could get a copy of the photos we took together. I was the big guy in a wheelchair, red hat, green T-Rex shirt. Here is a photo to help refresh any memories.

2017-06-23 19:52:52
One week ago ❤️

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2017-06-23 18:06:56
Missing last weekend!

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2017-06-22 17:00:35
Timeline Photos
Doin it big in the circuitGROUNDS


2017-06-22 09:07:43
Ever wonder what it's like living in Vegas after EDC is OVER?!

2017-06-22 05:43:12
❤️❤️❤️ edc 2017 Khanh Le

Sombrero Trance House added a new photo to Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC)'s Timeline.

2017-06-22 04:26:06
Sombrero Trance House added a new photo to Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC)'s Timeline.

2017-06-22 01:12:32
Just had to share... This blue haired gentlemen had this custom Morganite and Diamond ring made for his gf over a month ago so he could ask his gf to marry him at the EDC Festival in Las Vegas this past weekend... Well on their way there the bag the ring was in actually got lost and wasn't obtained until about an hour before this photo (so tensions were high!) Needless to say she said yes and the video she showed me gave me chills! One minute shes dancing her heart out with 20 of their closest friend's in the hot summer sun and the next she turns around to him on one knee.. talk about an epic proposal!!