Deep In The Woods Festival 2019

Heer, Belgium

6 - 8 Sep 2019



Deep In The Woods is an alternative music festival in Heer, Belgium. This is a family-friendly weekend-long event which takes place at the Domain De Massembre Heer Sur Meuse.The festival aims to return to the roots of the musical experience. To build bridges and create links, not only between communities, between four generations of music lovers, between a supply of local products and an ecology-conscious public, but also between artistic disciplines, including opening up to the photography, film and visual arts. But especially between artists and the public.

6 - 8 Sep 2019
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Deep in the Woods added a cover video.

2019-06-14 10:40:03

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2019-06-14 08:07:34
Yes! No less than 7 (!) new names for Deep in the Woods 2019

2019-06-13 06:55:52
ready for some new names? Stay tuned. We're pretty excited about it #ditw19

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2018-05-28 06:50:18
Goodmorning sunshine! ☀️ ~ #ditw18 #yoga #deepinthewoods #deeper #massembre #forest #chillvibes #relax #morning #gold

Deep in the Woods is feeling festive.

2018-05-18 14:09:11
Deep in the woods is more than just music with our Deeper In The Woods program every year. Discover all activities here: Buy your tickets here:

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2018-05-15 08:30:26
In case you think we’re just chillin’, think again. More tasty news by the end of this week!

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2018-05-01 07:34:47
Deep In The Woods in this weeks edition of Elle!

Deep in the Woods added a cover video.

2018-04-27 14:08:31

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2018-04-27 14:00:00
Photos from Deep in the Woods's post
You've had to wait a long time but here they are, the first four names of Deep In The Woods 2018: Fenster, Yuko, Peter Kernel & LUWTEN.

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2018-04-19 13:21:32
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Laying in the sun hoping for excited news? Well.. first names will be dropped next week, stay tuned and don't forget to use sunscreen!