Boom Festival 2019

Idanha-a-Nova, Castelo Branco, Portugal

22 - 29 Jul 2018



The idea behind the Boom is to create a space in this time continuum where people from all over the world can live an alternative reality.

It’s a festival dedicated to all free spirits. It’s a celebration of intuition and telepathy as we watch how communication changes along these few days and how in the end there is no more need for words.

We are re-born again into a reality of being in constant Universal Trance, in this state all changes are possible, the Universe is “at our fingertips”… we can mould it! The aim is to join a huge worldwide family in the present time continuum and in together allowing the Culture, the Love, the Sacred Earth and the Art to melt and mingle and eventually… Boom!

We all take one big step together… Every culture is expressed by its Art, emanating through the many expressions and shapes it assumes. A cultural event as a means of expression does not just focus on one of the aspects of the Art, but on the whole.Boom is an Art event, born from a culture which has long grown in the margins of mainstream culture reaching new expressions and visions.

A whole world of people involved in the alternative, psychedelic and independent culture get together to show and share what they have found inside the Conscious Fractal, the Wholeness, the Oneness, the Truth. Thoughts, music tracks, sculptures, paintings, clothes, films, photos, ideologies, experiences, communication, philosophies and lots more, all enhancing the possibilities of our life’s experiences. All adding to the Universe.

The Full Moon of August has always been our guide as far as the Boom calendar is concerned. It’s an ongoing tradition with a few years now (it is the 8th edition) and this has decreed the dates of the Boom festival since its birth in ´97. Boom festival, due to its conscious shapeshifting and mutating properties, happens every two years in sync with the truth of impermanence, in sync with the Full Moon.

22 - 29 Jul 2018
Idanha-a-Nova, Castelo Branco
Dance / Electronic

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Photos from Boom Festival Official's post

2018-06-06 17:32:15
And so it begins...the ‘Boom Book 20 Years: a Visual and Oral History’ is off for printing!

2018-06-06 08:35:34
ALTERNATIVE SPIRITUALITY AND DANCE CULTURE: MAKING CELEBRATION SACRED The collapse of institutional religions and the rise of a greater freedom to experiment with altered states of consciousness has given rise to the possibility to experience spiritually charged epiphanies where one could least expect it: on the dancefloor of a club or of a festival. In this panel presented by professional DJ and producer Isis van der Wel, film artist Bogomir Doringer, and university researcher Emilia Simão, we will explore how the possibility of spiritual moments can be integrated in the electronic music scene, may it be psytrance, or techno, or house. Read more at #BoomFestival #BoomFestival2018 #Boomland #LiminalVillage

2018-06-05 18:34:11
GOBEKLI TEPE: THE DAWN OF SACRED ARCHITECTURE This presentation revolves around the most important archaeological and architectural discovery of the 21th century: Gobekli Tepe. This is a hill in Turkey which is covered with several oval monumental structures, thought to be for the ceremonial gathering of prehistoric nomad hunter-gatherers. Embark on a visual and narrative journey and learn the secrets of this unique site, the first ever built by Homo Sapiens, the first ever to represent Human’s effort to use geometry to create a sacred site for gathering different nomadic tribes at the very early dawn of civilization. The presentation will show in detail the site, the different archeological interpretations and its place and meaning compared to preceding and following cultures. Read the full description at #BoomFestival #BoomFestival2018 #Boomland #LiminalVillage

2018-06-05 10:15:50
SACRED GEOMETRY: THE INTERFACE BETWEEN HUMANITY AND DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS We all see geometric forms with our etheric and physical eyes. Those geometrical shapes have specific characteristics that carry the energies of the primary radical polarity (yin-yang) and the 5 elements (earth, ether, air, water & fire) that are the ultimate foundation of creation and the base of what we call “Sacred Geometry”. As humans, we don’t only perceive Sacred Geometry, we also emit it, through forms, emotional structure, talents and more – these, in fact, could also be seen as “codes,” since Sacred Geometry is the language that Divine Consciousness uses to communicate with us. This will be a keynote on Sacred Geometry by Homaya Amar followed by an energetic transmission session meant to set the tone for your entire experience in Boom.

Hydrus' collection | Bandcamp

2018-06-04 21:23:21
Hydrus' collection | Bandcamp

2018-05-29 16:43:25
When it comes to good advice, a little goes a long way. We've compiled a few tips to make your stay at Boom more comfortable, safe and fun. ❤️ #BoomFestival #BoomFestival2018 #Boomland

Protonica • Assorted Waves 7 (DJ Set)

2018-05-29 04:35:53

2018-05-28 13:52:12
The Mud Experience is both a dance floor and a place for self-expression through hands on sculpting! At Boom 2018, dress yourself with clay, release your inner child and co-create an artistic experience with fellow Boomers. Find the whole description at #BoomFestival #BoomFestival2018 #Boomland

Dj SET AUG 2017- PH

2018-05-26 20:09:33
Dj SET AUG 2017- PH
Psy-FullOn energy!

Boom Indie Media

2018-05-25 16:34:21
Since 2002, Boom has been developing its own independent media outlets, to share with its community relevant information about the event as well as educating on new paradigms. Take look at 'Daily Dragon', 'Pathways' and 'Boom Radio' on this webisode of the Boom Web TV! #BoomFestival #Boomland #BoomFestival20Years #FlashbackFriday