AWAKE Festival 2019

Teleki Castle, DN15, Gornesti, Romania

15 - 18 Aug 2019



The festival is looking to offer an eclectic experience, not just concentrating on music, but also celebrating various forms of art and the picturesque outdoors, in a cozy, enchanting, intimate, unique landscape, where everybody is free to express themselves. Join all creative thinkers, free spirited, unconventional souls, wanderers, adventurers and dreamers to this year’s most anticipated boutique festival.

15 - 18 Aug 2019
Teleki Castle, DN15, Gornesti
Age restrictions
We are granting free access to children aged 12 years or under, only if accompanied by an adult. Underaged between 12 and 17 must have a valid ticket and be accompanied by an adult as well.
Ticket price from
39.88 EUR

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Photos from AWAKE's post

2019-08-15 20:36:53
Coma rocked the stage tonight. #AWAKE3 #cometoawake #Awakefestival

2019-08-15 19:23:18
The Queen's Speech Ep.#AWAKE3 #AWAKEmusicandarts #AwakeFestival #cometoAWAKE

Photos from AWAKE's post

2019-08-15 19:22:11
Representin' West London at #AWAKE3, AJ Tracey lit up the stage #AwakeFestival #cometoAWAKE #AWAKEmusicandarts #transylvania #summer2019

Feed Your Mind - AWAKE

2019-08-15 16:02:35

Photos from AWAKE's post

2019-08-15 15:48:17
Welcome to #AWAKE3! #cometoAWAKE #AWAKEfestival #summer2019

Feed Your Mind - AWAKE

2019-08-15 14:09:28

2019-08-15 13:43:16
DAY1 is just around the corner, put your rain boots on and let's get it started. Here are some of the highlights of the day. The main stage will be filled with an eclectic mix of music and today on Cube you can listen to AJ Tracey, Lady Leshurr, Coma, Enter Shikari. For more of a chill time, head to the Castle Lounge where you can find DJs mixing your favourite tunes, VRTW will be one of the acts of the day. Enjoy the #TasteofAwake and find your fav dishes from all over the world while savoring various drinks. If your body is tired, go and #feedyourmind with DjShiver and TheFunkers, who will talk about exploration in life. In the evening, stop by Cinema Under The Bridge and enjoy the selection of shorts, curated by SuperFilmFestival. To delve into the magical realm of Teleki estate observe the mix of art&nature ARTDOOR, our open-air gallery of large-scale architectural installations. For more details, download the app and make your agenda.

Feed Your Mind - AWAKE

2019-08-15 12:00:04
The full lineup for Feed Your Mind AWAKE 2019 is here! Download the app to make your own sched! #cometoawake #feedyourmind #feedyourmindawake #soon

AWAKE's cover photo

2019-08-15 09:35:45

AWAKE F1RST - Awake Festival

2019-08-15 07:49:10
AWAKE F1RST - Awake Festival
Make sure you don't miss out on AWAKE THE PRODIGY – TRIBUTE TO KEITH, an exclusive show for #AWAKE3. #AWAKEmusicandarts #cometoAWAKE #AwakeFestival #transylvania #summer2019