No, you can’t be friends with a White Supremacist and not be one yourself

2017-06-24 00:00:00
"Why? I don’t trust Nazis (duh), and I don’t trust white liberals all that much either because your whiteness binds you to each other and you’re constantly defending whiteness and upholding white supremacy even when it seems like the worst idea." - Lara Witt for Wear Your Voice Magazine

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2017-06-23 23:58:00
We've added a new beautiful piece of art for our Armada EP collection! John Dahlbäck​'s 'Color In My Heart' is filling hearts with a lot of love!

2017-06-23 23:47:42
Yo, I know this is a long shot, but you miss 100% of the shots you don't take, right? I had a few people come up to me and get photos with me last weekend. I didn't know them, just random folk. Such a cool thing. I was curious if anybody here happens to be any of those people, and if so, I was hoping I could get a copy of the photos we took together. I was the big guy in a wheelchair, red hat, green T-Rex shirt. Here is a photo to help refresh any memories.

Comic series follows brilliant scientist who channels Dr. Frankenstein after police kill her son

2017-06-23 23:00:00
Vince LaValle's Destroyer is a new six-issue limited comic book series that follows a brilliant Black scientist, Josephine Baker, who is grief stricken after her 12-year-old son is killed by the police. Baker also happens to be the last living descendent of Dr. Frankenstein.

VIDEO: Canadian/Jamaican electro-pop artist Margeaux lets her flaws be her empowerment in defiant "Bad Chick"

2017-06-23 22:00:00
Margeaux Simms' latest single fuses electro-pop sensibilities and new wave traditions with swagger to promote a message of female empowerment.

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2017-06-23 21:20:10

Armin van Buuren - Communication

2017-06-23 21:03:00
Classic of the week! Do you remember this one?

Queer musicians from around world release Rainbow Riots album to resist homophobia

2017-06-23 21:00:00
The Rainbow Riots album is as "a protest musical repertoire that features queer artists from all over the world." The album includes avant-garde artists Umlilo and STASH CREW (South Africa), dance-hall artist Maverick mista majah p (Jamaica), Brayo Bryans' Musik (Uganda) and Ivy B (Malawi).

Quilmes Cerveza at Julien's Pizza Libre.

2017-06-23 20:20:25
En Julien's Pizza Libre hay pizza a los 4 gustos para los indecisos. Para cuando no sepas con qué acompañar tu Quilmes.

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2017-06-23 20:00:00
AFRO OF THE DAY #1457 pictured: @_pretoepreta_ #afro #natural #black #hair

2017-06-23 19:52:52
One week ago ❤️

Armin van Buuren - Sunny Days (Club Mix)

2017-06-23 19:32:00
Trance = ❤️ Enjoy the Trance Club Mix of 'Sunny Days' by Armin van Buuren on YouTube!

Street art project paints positive inspiration for South African youths away from cycles of violence and abuse

2017-06-23 19:01:00
Shot by South African visual artist Imraan Christian, #HealOurHome I aims to uplift the community through creative expression

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2017-06-23 18:35:17
Your turn to vote for London BATTLE OF THE BANDS! Head to our SoundCloud and 'like' and/or repost your favorite act! Cast your vote here:

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2017-06-23 18:06:56
Missing last weekend!

ANOTR - Help

2017-06-23 18:02:00
ANOTR making big waves on Beatport at the moment! Are you ready for a night of clubbing? Make sure to download and listen to the 'Help EP'

No, interracial love is not “saving America”

2017-06-23 18:00:00
"[...]upholding interracial marriage as proof that we have overcome racism reinforces the idea that racism is primarily about individual acts of prejudice, rather than about systemic (and collective) vulnerability to state violence. Ending racism is not just about changing the way that individual people think and feel; it’s about dismantling a police system that uses disproportionate amounts of violence against Black people, abolishing a prison-industrial complex that houses more inmates (primarily Black and Brown people) than any other country in the world, and ending a historical legacy that continues to build its wealth on centuries of stolen land and labor from Black and Indigenous people." - Lisa Hofmann-Kuroda for Wear Your Voice Magazine

Brazil-based indie rock artist Héloa transforms the world around her on the unique 'Eu' #SoundCheck

2017-06-23 17:13:11
Speckled with stunning ballads and driving bursts of indie rock, Héloa's latest album incorporates new wave (“Calei”), reggae (“A Avenida”), bossa (“Crua”), and somehow a klezmer-tinged country western song (“Meus Amigos”)

Marnie Simpson's Got Serious Beef With The Old Love Island Cast After Slamming Them On Twitter

2017-06-23 16:00:00
It's all kicking off

Did Love Island 2016's Alex Just Hint That He & Olivia Want To Have A Kid Soon?

2017-06-23 15:14:28
Did Love Island 2016's Alex Just Hint That He & Olivia Want To Have A Kid Soon?
Wait until you see the Instagram post...