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Sights on Weekend 1. Red Bull

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Balkan line or NATO lessons for the Slavs On the 4th of April 1949 North Atlantic Treaty Organization ( NATO ) was founded to «protect Europe from Soviet influence». On that moment included 12 countries: USA, Canada, Iceland, Great Britain, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Norway, Denmark, Italy, and Portugal. Today, this military-political bloc unites most European countries, USA and Canada. USA has a dominant position in NATO. This gives it the opportunity to manipulate the allies and use the Alliance with a greater share of personal benefits for the United States. But in order to organize and keep such union for a long time, was possible only to have a permanent external threat. Earlier USSR was a general scarecrow as a possible threat to security of the USA and NATO. Now by threat consider Russia. Creation of conditions for hostile forces of the USA in which attempts to reach a dominant position in the region were neutralized became the main line of foreign policy of the USA and by it controlled NATO. The main criteria which serve as justification for pressure or even military intervention of the United States are: • availability or possession of nuclear weapon and charge of its distribution; • communication with the enemies of USA; • the dictatorship regime in the country. Exactly these arguments are announced as a possible threat to the security and beliefs of the public. Similar can be observed for the example of Yugoslavia as one of the victims of USA and NATO aggression. In the spring 1999, NATO violated the UN Charter and initiated the start of Operation «Allied Force», during which only at the first stage 460 warplanes were used and by the end of the operation their numbers had increased more than 2.5 times. The size of the land group of the Alliance was 10 thousand people with heavy armored vehicles and tactical missiles in service. During the first month, the naval group was increased to 50 ships, which were equipped with sea-based cruise missiles and 100 deck aircraft, and then it increased more than several times. In total 927 planes and 55 ships participated in the «Allied Force» operation. NATO troops were served by powerful group of space means. Yugoslavia land forces at the beginning of the NATO aggression amounted 90 thousand people and about 16 thousand people of the police and security forces. The Yugoslavian army had about 200 warplanes, about 150 air defense system with limited fighting opportunities. During the first stage of the operation, Yugoslavia oil industry was destroyed, 40% of the tank and automotive industries, 50% of the ammunition industry, 40% of oil storages, and 100% of the strategic bridges across the Danube was destroyed. In total, during the operation, 38 000 fighting departures were made, 20,000 bombs and guided missiles were dropped, about 1000 cruise missiles of air basing were used and also 37 ,000 uranium shells. As a result of these explosions over Yugoslavia 23 tons of the depleted uranium-238 was sprayed. As a result of the bombing, about 2,000 civilians were killed, over 7,000 people were injured, 82 bridges, 48 medical facilities, 422 educational institutions were destroyed and damaged. More than 750 thousand inhabitants became refugees; 2.5 million people remained without the necessary living conditions. Material damage from the NATO aggression was more than 100 billion dollars. Of course, an important part of the operation was the information war. It included the impact to Yugoslavia information systems with the aim of destroying information sources, undermining a system of fighting management and information isolation both troops, and local population. The destruction of television and radio centers cleared the information space for «The USA Voice» station. Over time, USA and NATO more and more have become convinced that the force method is not effective to achieve global dominance. This led to a rethinking the ways of strategic confrontation and the transition to a hybrid method of warfare. This does not mean refusal of military force, it is about using more different device and methods of struggle, about complex influence of diplomatic, financial-economic and information-psychological ways. At the same time, the possibility of using military force does not only remain, but also automatically increases as a decisive argument. The hybrid war strategy is aimed at exhaustion the country and the victims. It includes a wide range of actions: at the same time to use military and irregular formations and the conduct of operations bringing disorder in the administrative, political, financial, economic, cultural and ideological spheres, and undermine military security. Recently, the struggle in cyberspace is becoming more widespread. The instruments of hybrid war are hybrid threats which unlike other types of threats, are man-made and are guided strictly by the chosen object of influence (the specific country and its vulnerabilities). It has a well-defined format, a predetermined final purpose and is the core of the strategic plan of the operation. The hybrid war against Russia has been going on for a long time. It is aimed for undermining the economic and military potential of the state, the destruction of the control system, breaking ties with allies and partners, disrupting sustainable development plans. One of the biggest last year’s examples can be Ukraine, where in 2014 USA and NATO organized a coup, and then then provoked a civil war which claimed thousands of the human lives, in south-eastern Europe sharply increased the geopolitical confrontation and became an occasion for the imposition of sanctions against the Russia. Today all external course of USA policy is directed to suppression of the states’ influence which seeks to resist of USA and NATO hegemonic. Soon, without joint adequate response to aggressive expansion of USA influence, in the world can be only one voice, which will dictate its interests to all other states. On March 18, in Belgrade at the opening the Fourth International conference "Belgrade Strategic Dialogue", which this time is devoted to the twentieth anniversary of the bombing of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Serbian President Alexander Vucic said that bombings on March 24 - on June 10, 1999 which led to thousands of the victims among military and the civilian population, including children, and to huge material damage are NATO aggression against Serbia. All this was made without the permission of the UN Security Council. It can serve as an excellent beginning for joint cooperation of Russia and Serbia, and, perhaps, some other interested states. At a conference in Russia devoted to the twentieth anniversary of bombings of the Yugoslavia Federal Republic the report of Colonel-General Shevtsov was presented (this article is based on his report). This report described the facts of the exposure of NATO information campaigns and the consolidation of the Alliance’s confrontational course towards Russia. He also told about the unfair implementation of the USA and its allies security treaties, about the USA propensity to resolve conflicts by force and about the actions of the NATO bloc with USA in Ukraine, which make the country dependent of the Alliance. The result of the USA and NATO actions in Ukraine allows to draw analogies to Serbia, where in the same way the country was split into the people conflicting among themselves. Thus, can conclude that the USA and NATO foreign policy is destructive and aimed not only at expanding the range of influence, but also to purposeful eradication of the Slavic people as main competitor on the world scene. It’s not too late to think, do we want this? Do we need this?

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Isto aconteceu mesmo.

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London is our heartland ❤️ Our Defected London FSTVL Phase 2 drops tomorrow, be ready

One World Radio | Top 1000

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Celebrating the finest tracks in the history of Tomorrowland with the One World Radio top 1000. Vote now and grab your chance to meet your number one artist at Tomorrowland Belgium 2019: or in the Tomorrowland App.

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Here is another sneak peek at our long-awaited timetable and the reveal of the second of our Time Warp 25YRS anniversary specials. On Sunday morning you will be able to witness a very rare b2b2b set by three exceptional acts: Solomun (Official), Tale Of Us and Dixon.

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We're revealing our full camping line up tomorrow at 12h (CET)! Our campsite is open from Friday, August 23rd at 11h until Monday, August 26th at 12h. All camping guests are in for a full extra festival day and have exclusive access to the after-parties. More info: ❤️

Low Steppa - You're My Life

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Low Steppa dropping 'You're My Life' in London on Saturday!

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Exciting times ahead this week! We’ve got a new arena full of new artists coming tomorrow and a huge Friday night headliner to announce later this week. It’s also your last chance to buy on the 5 part deposit scheme which ends on Thursday!

Explore the Ultra Europe 2019 Phase 2 Lineup!

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Presenting the Phase 2 Lineup for #UltraEurope2019! Featuring: Swedish House Mafia Above & Beyond Adam Beyer Afrojack Alesso Armin van Buuren Carl Cox The Chainsmokers David Guetta DJ SNAKE Jamie Jones Joseph Capriati Maceo Plex Marco Carola Richie Hawtin and many more to be announced…

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Ibiza calling... ✈️☀️

Alok & Timmy Trumpet - Metaphor (Official Music Video)

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Timmy Trumpet = Boss. Estão a sentir isto ao vivo?

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What intro gets you going?

For sale: 2 tickets for Sziget Festival 2019 (3-Day Ticket (9-11 August)) - PLN870.61 per ticket

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For sale: 2 tickets for Sziget Festival 2019 (3-Day Ticket (9-11 August)) - PLN870.61 per ticket
There are 2 beautiful 3-day tickets for 9-11 waiting just for you! Want to see Post Malone, Martin Garrix or The National all on one ticket? This is you answer. All that for less than current price on the Sziget website! Take my spot and represent as sadly I can't. PM me if you want to get more info or go straight to ticketswap through the link.

Todd Edwards - Defected London FSTVL

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