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Ozora Festival 2017


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On the Way to Ozora 2017 – PHOBOS

link 2017-01-14 12:36:10

On the Way to Ozora 2017 – PHOBOS We have set our sails for O.Z.O.R.A. 2017 and we are on our way. For this edition we’re joined again by the Looney Moon flagshipped Phobos LooneyMoon, dj and label manager with Robi Dj Fog, to check out what’s been happening since our last interview with him. During his all new set you can read the news in The Ozorian Prophet. ON AIR: 14 JAN SAT 4pm CET RERUNS: 15 SUN 8am, 16 MON 12am midnight

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photo 2017-01-13 21:00:22

OZORA One Day in Paris

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video 2017-01-11 14:26:29

One Day in Tokyo 2015 after movie


link 2017-01-09 23:26:54


GAUDI | Sofa Beats Series #11 | 09/11/2016

link 2017-01-09 22:09:35

GAUDI | Sofa Beats Series #11 | 09/11/2016 We're continuing the Sofa Beats cruise with a truly versatile artist, producer and true musical innovator, one of the greats of our scene, Mr GAUDI, joining us for a few words and much more music in this edition. Gaudi’s innovative approach to live performance and versatility as a producer has kept him at the forefront of his field throughout a notable and prolific career. His music is stylistically hard to pin down as he is an artist in constant evolution. His musical exploration, over the last 30 years in the industry, has however seen him foray into punk, new wave, dub and reggae, world, experimental electronica and ‘stuff that rocks dancefloors’.. he has however got deep roots, which run like a vein throughout his music, and they are in the big basslines and spacious soundscapes of dub and the anarchic sonic potential of the world of electronic music… where anything’s possible.

Click here to support save bansi by Bansi Gms

link 2017-01-08 17:36:50

Click here to support save bansi by Bansi Gms Fellow Ozorians, our beloved family member, psychedelic pioneer wizard BANSI of GMS, 1200 Mics and dozen of other musical formations needs our full support

Open Call for Participation @ O.Z.O.R.A Festival 2017

photo 2017-01-07 15:22:30

Our mission is to keep expanding the space for highlighting and spreading visionary messages, not only through music & collective trance on the dancefloors, but also through arts, science, creative & conscious thinking, performing arts, through caring for our body and soul, so that we can beautify, enlighten, delight, heighten and serve the visual and artistic-cultural experience of the festival and our overall community. _______________________________________ You can find the application form here: Please fill it out with extra care! DEADLINE: 1st March

Open Call for Participation @ O.Z.O.R.A Festival 2017

Spoken Beats Special – SYSTEM 7

link 2017-01-06 13:12:14

Spoken Beats Special – SYSTEM 7 Here’s some candy for your ears and mind, the rebooted Spoken Beats edition kicking off with Carroll’s The Jabberwocky, excerpts from Orwell’s 1984 and Monroe’s Far Journeys, selected and read by Miquette and Steven from System7 / Mirror System, who we thank a lot for this amazing first literary audio-pleasure session. ON AIR: 7 JAN SAT 2pm CET | RERUNS: 8 SUN 10am

OZORA One Day in Goa 2017

event 2017-01-06 12:14:52

OZORA One Day in Goa 2017

OZORA One Day in Paris

event 2017-01-02 13:33:29

OZORA One Day in Paris


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